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Medical Laboratory Technician Program Info

Associate and Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technician7020
*Average number of months for students to complete program
**Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, OOH, Ed. 2010-11

Associate in Medical Laboratory Technician

This program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to function in the medical/hospital lab setting. Laboratory tests play an important part in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Medical laboratory technicians perform a wide variety of tests and laboratory procedures that require a high level of skill. The medical laboratory technician analyzes the blood, tissues, and fluids in the human body by using precision instruments such as microscopes and automated analyzers.

Technicians assist in performing complicated chemical, microscopic, and bacteriological tests including: blood cholesterol level; microscopic examination of the blood to detect the presence of diseases; and cultures of body fluid or tissue samples to determine the presence of bacteria, parasites, or other microorganisms. Technicians may also type and crossmatch blood samples. Each student will be prepared for entry-level medical laboratory positions in the medical lab and hospital setting. Download Program Course Sheet

Essential Functions for Medical Laboratory Technicians

The Herzing University Medical Laboratory Technician program has a responsibility for the welfare of patients treated or otherwise affected by students enrolled in the program, as well as for the welfare of students in the program. To fulfill this responsibility, the program has established minimum essential requirements that must be met, with or without reasonable accommodation, in order to participate in the program and graduate. Discrimination is prohibited on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or veteran status.

  • Visual skills: You must be able to effectively read written material, utilize a medical microscope, read instrument displays, and perform procedures that require eye-hand coordination. You must be able to discriminate color reactions.
  • Auditory skills: You must be able to hear alarms that are used to signal instrument malfunction, fire or other emergencies.
  • Communication skills: You must be able to effectively communicate with other medical personnel and with patients.
  • Motor skills: You must be able to perform procedures that require eye-hand coordination. You must be able to effectively manipulate medical laboratory equipment such as microscopes and spectrophotometers, as well as the devices used to collect specimens. You must be able to feel for veins when performing venipuncture, and develop the skill to collect such specimens without undue trauma to the patient. You must be able to tolerate wearing personal protective equipment. You must be able to write legibly.
  • General physical health: Your general physical health must be such that you can perform light to moderate physical activity. Heavy lifting is generally not required.
  • General mental health: Your general mental health must be such that you can maintain attention to detail and interact effectively with other medical personnel and with patients.

The information below reflects aggregated data from all of the Herzing University campuses that have students enrolled in the specified program in the specified time period. The information does not reflect data regarding individual campuses unless only one campus had students to report. The reporting period used to obtain this data was 7/1/2012-6/30/2013. If there were less than 10 graduates in a program, median loan debt and on-time completion data were not disclosed for that program to protect the privacy of those students. Tuition and length may vary by campus location. Ranges could not be input for tuition and length, therefore tuition and length reported are the highest tuition rates and longest program length to encompass all campuses. For information regarding specific campus tuition please refer to . For a more detailed description of how the data was calculated please refer to the Disclosure Methodology located here .


Graduates of the Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technician program at the Akron Campus of Herzing University meet the educational requirements to be eligible to take the following certification examinations:

  • Medical Laboratory Technician Certification offer by American Medical Technologists
  • Medical Laboratory Technician offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology

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