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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Education Opens Previously Closed Doors

It was time for a change.  I started researching schools. After a two hour conversation with Michael Paul at Herzing University, I decided to enroll. I started in August, 2011.  (I loved customizing my Smartphone so I went into IT). Two months later, a position became available in the Internal Support (IT) Department where I work. Even though the position required having a bachelor’s degree, I was offered the job because I was in school working toward a diploma. Ten months later, I was promoted to Clinical Systems Analyst. I love my job. I know that it was only possible because of my student status. While at Herzing University I met wonderful people.  The instructors are there for you when you have a question and are extremely encouraging. Instructor Joe Caan has been a major influence on my success. He has a way of helping you discover answers that you didn’t realize you had. I wish everyone could experience the feeling that comes over you when you are able to answer a question…it is a feeling that convinces you that you can do this! For anyone thinking about starting school, my advice would be to stop thinking and start doing. There are no negatives about going back to school, only positives. The people at Herzing University do what it takes to help you succeed regardless of working full time, being married, having a family, etc.

James Eisele
May 8, 2013

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