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Monday, Mar 3, 2014

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

I started attending Herzing University right out of high school. For me the decision to go to Herzing was not hard. I had taken a field trip with one of my classes to come to a Herzing high school orientation day, and I immediately loved the school. The small class sizes, the relaxed class schedule, and the short time it would take to get my degree were what first attracted me to Herzing, and are a major reason why I did so well there. I really liked that the professors knew me by name, and were always available to help me out when I was having a problem. One of the best things about Herzing for me was the career development department. The entire team of people there tried extra hard to prepare students for what they might experience in the job market. They helped me with my resume, they hosted career fairs so that I had an opportunity to meet some local employers in my field, and they eventually placed me in an internship. If I had to give one piece of advice about school, I would say to get yourself an internship in your field. Even though I had the knowledge and experience from school, the experience that I gained on the internship in a real life scenario was so much more helpful in choosing what direction I wanted to go with my skill set. It was eventually that experience that helped me to get a full time position after school. Since I finished, I have gotten a full time job close to home doing exactly what I want to be doing. Without Herzing, I doubt very much that I would have been able to make my life into what I have made it into. Thanks Herzing University!

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