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Thursday, Aug 21, 2014

Madison Campus Announces Nursing Scholarship Winners

Herzing University – Madison is pleased to announce the recipients of the “Dare to Care” scholarship for our nursing students. This scholarship is based on volunteer efforts in the past and the commitment to continue volunteering throughout the semester. The purpose of this scholarship is to promote community caring through volunteerism, and the students awarded the scholarship have truly shown their caring!

Nursing students Mandy Bartz (2015 grad), Doris Renlund (2015 grad), and Anna Steinberg (2016 grad) have all committed their time and efforts to volunteering and have impressed the scholarship committee with their caring spirit. Not only do they maintain a high GPA, but they also have families, jobs, and friends to enjoy.

Anna is a current nursing student from Edgerton, WI. She chose the nursing program at Herzing because it was close to home. She became interested in nursing after taking a CNA course through her high school. After seeing how nursing gives a person so many different options for career opportunities, she dedicated her education to the field. Her family has been very supportive during her journey into nursing. Congratulations, Anna!

With five children, a job as an LPN, volunteering, and being a full-time nursing student, Doris has to work very hard to reach her goals. She has always wanted to become an RN and found the program at Herzing to fit with her work and children’s schedules. She is very grateful for the scholarship opportunity and appreciates everything Herzing has done to support her through enrollment to her graduation day next year. Congratulations, Doris!

Mandy has always been community minded, beginning volunteering at a young age with her grandmother at a senior center.  She worked as a CNA and enjoyed helping people, but she wanted to be able to do more for patients and that triggered her desire to become a nurse. She has volunteered at clinics aboard, with her daughter’s school, and with the local food pantry. Mandy is very active in the community, but she has not lost sight of her goal of becoming a nurse so she can do even more to help her community. Congratulations, Mandy!

Congratulations to all of you on receiving the “Dare to Care” scholarship! We are proud of your accomplishments and look forward to seeing what you continue to do for your community.

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