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If you saw me around town, you would not realize this

Don’t let any disadvantage, life circumstance, or perception about you get in your way. Go for it. Get your degree and achieve those goals. I can tell you that it’s something you will never regret. And I can also tell you Herzing University is there to back you all the way. Hey, if I can do it, anyone can!

Online - Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar – 2014-2017

SemesterTermStart of TermEnd of Term
Spring Semester
Term A 01/06/14 02/26/14
Term B 03/03/14 04/23/14
Spring Break 04/24/14 04/27/14
Summer Semester
Term A 04/28/14 06/18/14
Summer Break 06/19/14 07/06/14
Term B 07/07/14 08/27/14
Semester Break 08/28/14 09/01/14
Fall Semester
Term A 09/02/14 10/22/14
Term B 10/27/14 12/17/14
Winter Break 12/18/14 01/04/15
Spring Semester
Term A 01/05/15 02/25/15
Semester Break 02/26/15 03/01/15
Term B 03/02/15 04/22/15
Semester Break 04/23/15 04/26/15
Summer Semester
Term A 04/27/15 06/17/15
Summer Break 06/18/15 07/05/15
Term B 07/06/15 08/26/15
Semester Break 08/27/15 08/30/15
Fall Semester
Term A 08/31/15 10/21/15
Semester Break 10/22/15 10/25/15
Term B 10/26/15 12/16/15
Winter Break 12/17/15 01/10/16

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