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Cohort Default Rates

Herzing University 2-Year and 3-Year Cohort Default Rates (CDRs)
for Cohorts 2009-2011

2-Year Cohort Default Rates

Herzing University National Averages Proprietary Schools Averages
2009 8.7% 8.8% 15.0%
2010 8.4% 9.1% 12.9%
2011 11.6% 10% 13.6%

3-Year Cohort Default Rates

Herzing University National Averages Proprietary Schools Averages
2009 13.2% 13.4% 22.7%
2010 17.4% 14.7% 21.8%
2011 16.9% 13.7% 19.1%

Thursday, Apr 18, 2013

Priscilla Hubbard

With the flexible scheduling, Herzing allowed me to work during the same time that I attended classes. The instructors provided one-on-one attention and were passionate about helping students to realize their career goals. Herzing gave me the best education possible!

Priscilla Hubbard
2009 Business Graduate

Wednesday, Apr 24, 2013

Shannon Love

I started attending Herzing University in 2006. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in April 2009 and now I am completing my MBA!! I am very excited about what the future holds for me. I am a single mother who works full time yet knowing the benefits of having a degree has kept me focused and motivated to continue to achieve my goals.

Upon completion of my MBA I will open a day care center specializing in service to working single mothers. I also hope to run a non-profit organization. Attending Herzing University Online has allowed me to achieve my goals of obtaining a higher education because it is convenient to my schedule.

Shannon Love

Library Services

Library Resources and Services

A variety of library resources and services are available for students in both on-campus and online Herzing programs.


  • All students, at campuses and online, have access to dozens of extensive research databases which include thousands of journals, magazines, images, e-books, newspapers, transcripts, and multimedia. These electronic resources are available 24x7 via an Internet connection at home or on-campus.
  • Campus libraries have supplemental collections including books, periodicals, and multimedia, as well as facilities for study and research.


  • A team of professional librarians work with students regarding reference questions and use of the electronic and print resources.
  • Librarians are available via toll-free phone, email, chat, and more.
  • Faculty members work with librarians to match library resources with the research resources needed for assignments and research projects.
  • Information literacy skills are integrated with the curriculum so students can develop their ability to work with resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Research collections, guides, tutorials, and other materials are available to students.

The librarians support development of independent learning skills by offering research information and assistance for both focused and general research.


Herzing University had its beginning in 1965 when it started as a computer training institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1970, the name was changed to Herzing Institute and the organization began to grow through the acquisition of other schools. These included the Wisconsin School of Electronics in Madison, Wisconsin, which has a history dating back to 1948. Later, the Milwaukee location was closed in favor of the Madison location but the system headquarters has remained in Milwaukee. The name of the school was changed to Herzing College in 1996, and the institution has grown to include campuses in eight states plus an online division, which is located with the system headquarters. The addition of graduate programs in 2009 led to the school's current name, Herzing University.

Founded in 1970, Herzing University has provided training in the Akron area continuously since that date. The school, which became a campus of Herzing University in 2003 and changed names from Akron Institute in 2013, has grown to its present size with the addition of programs, increases in staff, and expansion of facilities, necessitating a move to a larger building in 2004.

The college was founded in 1949 as Massey Junior College. Massey Junior College became part of Herzing in 1979. The Atlanta campus moved to its present location in 2005.

Initially founded as Electronic Computer Programming Institute in 1965 at 1218 South 20th Street, the college was acquired by Herzing in 1968. In December 1994, the college was moved to its present address at 280 West Valley Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama.

The Herzing University - Brookfield campus first opened its doors in March 2010 and is the newest addition to the Herzing University system.

The Kenosha campus began enrolling students in the fall of 2009 as an additional location of Herzing University to serve the communities of Kenosha, Racine, northern Illinois, and the surrounding areas.

Originally the Wisconsin School of Electronics, the school was founded in 1948 by several local Madison businessmen involved in the television and radio industry. In 1970, the school merged with Herzing Institute. In 1996, bachelor degrees were added.

Herzing University's Minneapolis campus was created by the incorporation of two well-established specialty colleges in the Minneapolis area. Minneapolis Drafting School Division became part of Herzing University in June of 2000. Established in 1961, the Minneapolis Drafting School trained and placed its graduates in all phases of drafting and design.

The Lakeland Medical-Dental Academy became part of Herzing University in May of 2002. Established in 1958, Lakeland Medical-Dental Academy trained and placed its graduates in many phases of allied health.

The Minneapolis campus has since added programs in business, design, and public safety to the core technology and healthcare programs.

New Orleans
The Herzing University - New Orleans campus started its first class in 1996 as part of Herzing University - Atlanta. The campus relocated in 2010 to its present location in order to serve a greater number of community residents looking to obtain a Herzing education.

Established in 1991, the Omaha School of Massage Therapy moved to its present location in 1995 and became part of Herzing University in June of 2008. Now known as Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare of Herzing University, the campus has since expanded its programs to include other specialty areas of healthcare as well as bachelor's and associate degrees in addition to shorter diploma programs.

In 2003, Herzing University launched its Online campus, making education available to students from the comfort of their own home, the local library, or favorite coffee shop. Providing educational opportunities whenever and wherever a student desires, Herzing University - Online offers students the opportunity to enroll in master's degrees (added in 2009), bachelor's degrees, associate degrees, and diploma programs.

Herzing University in Orlando started its first classes in 1995 as an additional location of Herzing University - Atlanta. Excelling in the fields of healthcare and technology, the Orlando campus pioneered the University's Tech Academy programs in 2008 to offer students preparation for in-demand IT certifications in as little as four months.

Herzing University - Toledo started its first classes in 2009. Offering bachelor's and associate degrees in addition to diploma programs, Herzing students in Toledo can choose from programs in the fields of technology, business, healthcare, design, and public safety.

Atlanta Campus Life


Campus Activities

The Atlanta Campus offers a wide variety of student organizations, activities, and events to further enrich the educational experience at Herzing.

Professional Groups

Herzing Atlanta's Student Government Association
Members of the Student Government Association hold a recruiting event.

Herzing Campus chapters of national, scholastic organizations include Herzing University Legal Association (HULA) and Herzing University Global Enterprisers (HUGE). Students are encouraged to become active leaders through the Herzing Student Government Association, Health Care Club, and International Association.

Herzing Atlanta student field trip
Student field trip to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Field Trips and Excursions

Multiple off-campus field trips are scheduled on a regular basis. Herzing students have traveled to the Grand Canyon, Sapelo Island, Niagara Falls, Canada, Washington, D.C., and various museums and cultural events throughout the Metro Atlanta area.

Atlanta students volunteer
Atlanta students dedicated approximately 156-volunteer hours to the Atlanta Community Food Bank

Community Service

Students have the option of participating in community volunteer efforts, such as working with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity.

During 2009, Atlanta students dedicated approximately 156-volunteer hours to the Atlanta Community Food Bank – packing and sorting over 33,600 pounds of donated food products.

Herzing Basketball Association
Students, faculty and staff – in action, during an intramural game of the "Herzing Basketball Association."

Other Activities

Student debates, International Day, weekly Lunch and Learn discussions, intramural basketball and tutorial services are a few examples of the diversified campus environment at Herzing.

Use menu above to see program offerings.

Offering both Associate and Bachelor degree programs, Herzing University - Toledo prepares graduates for careers in healthcare, criminal justice, business, technology, and design. Our campus in South Toledo is conveniently located at the intersection of Hill and Reynolds, just minutes from Ohio Turnpike exit 52 and the Airport Highway exit of I-475/U.S. 23. Serving as Toledo’s Community University since 2009, Herzing University - Toledo boasts state-of-the-industry classrooms and labs to provide a real-world, hands-on learning environment. Herzing University - Toledo is also proud to be the city’s oldest SAP University Alliance institution.


Located minutes from I-475 on the corner of Hill Avenue and Hwy 20 (N. Reynolds Rd.), we invite you to stop by for a campus tour or call an admissions advisor at 419-776-0300 and explore how Herzing University can help you reach your educational and career goals.

Herzing University occupies a 17,000-square-foot building that was remodeled in 2008. The building is designed to facilitate the learning process. In addition to a large library/resource room, a wireless network, and modern classrooms, the facility offers a nice student lounge and is easily accessible by car and mass transit.

Horizon Campus - Sri Lanka

Herzing University and Horizon Campus in Columbo, Sri Lanka have created an affiliation to provide U.S. degrees to Sri Lankan students.

Sri Lankan students can take online bachelor's and master's programs right from the comfort of their homes in Sri Lanka or choose to study abroad at one of Herzing University's campuses in the U.S.

In Person Support

While taking online courses in Sri Lanka, students can attend optional tutoring sessions at Horizon's Campus in Columbo.

Career Programs

Bachelor of Science students can complete the Herzing University bachelor's degree programs in a little as three years. Click here to find out about accelerated programs. MBA students can complete the program in just one and a half years. Sri Lankan students will be fully integrated into the Herzing University system, allowing any student to spend as many semesters as they wish studying in one of Herzing University’s many U.S. campuses.

MBA Degrees

The Master in Business Administration programs prepare students with the necessary skills and academic knowledge for management positions in various business enterprises, with a concentration of courses in business management. These career opportunities may be in areas such as accounting, finance, business administration, sales, marketing, human resources, information systems, and production or operations for the existing or emerging manager. The program includes the application of theory and practice, and case studies are emphasized throughout all courses. Graduates of Herzing University’s MBA degree program will be able to apply their knowledge to any field, including finance, marketing, healthcare, education, manufacturing, industrial, insurance, nonprofit, and hospitality industries. Students can choose from four MBA concentrations:

  • MBA in Business Management
  • MBA in Human Resources
  • MBA in Project Management
  • MBA in Technology Management

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Business Management with a Concentration in Business Administration - This degree prepares students with a generalist approach to management education by providing the skills and knowledge for entry-level general management training positions. These career opportunities may be in areas such as accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivables, business administration, human resources, and hospitality.
  • Business Management with a Concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies - Students gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities, functions, and challenges of today’s entrepreneurs. Students will take classes to increase their knowledge and understanding of the importance of entrepreneurial law, social responsibility, product development, and innovation. The goal of the program is to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to start a small business or develop an existing business upon graduation. By the end of the program, students should be able to develop a comprehensive business plan, which includes a well-constructed financial and marketing component.
  • Business Management with a Concentration in International Business - The roles and strategies of businesses in a global environment will be examined. Students will be equipped with the necessary skills and academic knowledge for entry-level positions in international companies. Areas of focus in international business include marketing, banking, finance, economics, exporting, importing, cultural protocol, and foreign language. Students will learn the social, cultural, legal, political, and technological barriers to international business and understand international trade and investment opportunities while demonstrating how to manage international business affairs.
  • Business Management with a Concentration in Marketing - Study of the complex relationship between markets and customers and the practical and theoretical skills needed to market a product in a competitive business environment are covered in this program. The core components of the marketing program concentration are advertising, marketing on the internet, consumer behavior, marketing research, marketing strategy, new product development, international marketing, professional selling, and sales management.
  • Graphic Design with a Concentration in Print Design and Graphic Design with a Concentration in Web Design- These degrees prepare students with the necessary academic knowledge and technical competencies required for a wide range of positions in graphic arts. The curriculum is focused on designing and producing work for print, the web, television, cinema, multimedia, and digital entertainment. This degree enables students to specialize in topics appropriate for an entry-level position in interactive and graphic arts.
  • Information Technology with a Concentration in Network Management - and Information Technology with a Concentration in Security Technology - Students in these programs will be prepared with the necessary academic knowledge and technical competencies required for a range of positions and careers in the administration and management of information technology. The curriculum is focused on designing, implementing, and supporting solutions to business problems in the general categories of information technology, information management, and business communications. The program keeps pace with changing technology by offering courses that focus on emerging technologies.
  • Software Development with a Concentration in Computer Programming - This degree prepares students with the necessary academic knowledge and technical competencies required for a range of positions. The curriculum is focused on designing, implementing, or supporting computer application solutions to problems in industries such as business, government, and health information management.

Learn more

Contact Horizon Campus for more information about earning an online U.S. Herzing University degree in Sri Lanka; study abroad opportunities at one of Herzing University's many campuses in the U.S.; and more.
Hotline: +94-718 622 727

In the U.S., please contact Matthew Schneider at +1-414-908-0276 or email

Thursday, Apr 4, 2013

Lisa White

Lisa White graduated from Herzing University in January 2013 with an associate’s degree in nursing. But there is much more to her story than that. White recalls standing in Herzing’s lobby in 2009 with her quadruplet boys--then just eight years old--and a squirming two-year-old waiting to talk to a Nursing Advisor. She truly wondered if she would be able to pursue her dream of becoming a registered nurse (RN). It would be a journey, she knew, and each journey begins with a first step; hers would be preparing to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

“With the support of my family, friends and the Herzing staff, I was able to receive my diploma for Practical Nursing,” White stated. Her journey was well underway, and this success fueled her to press on.

In August 2011, the decision to return to school and start working toward her RN was a little easier, but the road seemed even harder this time. She remembers her husband worked longer hours, her parents were struggling to take care of other family members, and staying focused on school was difficult.

“Each time I wavered, there was always someone there to push me to keep going.” she recalls. “My friends, fellow classmates and the Herzing staff were instrumental in my success. The ATI Test Preparation and other great study tools provided, along with the encouragement from my instructors to do my best were the ingredients necessary for me to graduate. In the end my sincere thanks goes to those who supported me through this journey. If a mom of five can go back to school and succeed, anyone can do it.”

Lisa’s success continues. Shortly after graduation she accepted a position with the Kirklin Clinic in Birmingham, AL and made her dream a reality.