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Earn a Degree

Earn a bachelor’s or associate degree from more than 50 programs in technology, business, healthcare, design, and public safety.

Our hands-on coursework, individual attention, and experienced faculty provide the support and real-world skills you need to get ahead in today’s competitive job market.

TOLEDO - Undergraduate Programs

C = Program offered at least partially on campus (core courses); O = Program offered fully online

Bachelor of Science Degrees

Accounting C/O
Business Management With No Concentration C/O
Business Management With a Concentration in Business Administration C/O
Business Management With a Concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies C/O
Business Management With a Concentration in Human Resource Development C/O
Business Management With a Concentration in International Business C/O
Business Management With a Concentration in Marketing C/O
Criminal Justice With No Minor or Concentration O
Criminal Justice With a Concentration in Homeland Security O
Criminal Justice With a Concentration in Supervision and Management O
Graphic Design With No Declared Concentration O
Graphic Design With a Concentration in Print Design O
Graphic Design With a Concentration in Web Design O
Health Information Management O
Healthcare Management C/O
Homeland Security and Public Safety With No Minor or Concentration O
Information Technology With No Concentration C/O
Information Technology With A Concentration in Network Management C/O
Information Technology With A Concentration in Security Technology C/O
Legal Studies O

Only the Herzing University paralegal programs at New Orleans and Atlanta are approved by the American Bar Association. The Herzing Legal Studies program offered online is not approved by the ABA.

Software Development With No Declared Minor or Concentration C/O
Software Development With a Concentration in Computer Programming C/O
Technology Management With No Declared Minor or Concentration C/O
Technology Management With a Minor in Information Technology C/O
Technology Management With a Minor in Software Development C/O

Associate and Associate of Applied Science Degrees

Accounting C/O
Business Management C/O 
Criminal Justice C/O 
Graphic Design O
Health Information Management O
Healthcare Management C/O
Information Technology C/O
Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist C/O
Legal Studies O
Medical Assisting Services C
Medical Office Administration C/O
Software Development C/O
Surgical Technology C

Diploma and Certificate Programs

Bookkeeping and Payroll Accounting C/O
CISCO Certified Network Associate C
Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist C/O
Medical Office Administration C/O
Network Systems C

Advance Your Career

Take one of our continuing education non-credit courses and certification programs to improve your job opportunities and performance.

Flexible Learning Options

Our innovative career programs provide flexible learning options and convenient scheduling to meet busy students wherever they are in life. Attend one of our 11 locations in eight U.S. states, earn your degree online, or take a blended approach. No matter what your educational goal, Herzing University can help you achieve it.

Today’s economy has presented the world with major challenges; therefore, Herzing University’s educational philosophy is simple and serves to enhance a student’s ability gain meaningful employment. Herzing University - Toledo campus educates and trains students with state-of-the-industry equipment, industry-approved resources, and qualified instructors.

Our philosophy flows from the University’s Institutional Mission and is identified by meeting the following educational objectives:

  1. Stimulate students’ intellectual inquiry
  2. Impart “state-of-the-industry” technical competence that can be applied by students in the workplace
  3. Develop students’ written and oral communication skills
  4. Develop students’ participation and leadership capabilities
  5. Develop attitudes and general knowledge within students that will assist them to grow and become successful

Monday, Feb 17, 2014

Alumni Testimonial: Julie Spooker

Alumni Testimonial: Julie Spooker 

I had been working as an independent ventilator RN, as well as working through Maxim as an Agency RN. I have wanted to pursue further education since my graduation as an RN (Associate Degree) in 1993. With small children at that time, single-parent status, long work hours and inflexibility of work schedule to attend on-ground degree studies, I waited over ten years to attempt attending college again. My oldest son had enrolled at Herzing in Madison and I decided to stop waiting and do something I needed to do for myself—return to school.  I was able to do my Bachelor’s Degree completely online while working 56-hour weeks and still completed multiple diploma programs and certifications simultaneously. It hasn’t been easy doing all that I do, but I am hoping to transition into a new or extended career after graduation and go for my Master’s Degree. Don’t wait until the time is right…the time is now!

 Julie Spooker


Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013

Alumni Testimonial from Steve Bloechel

I am proud to say that I am now a two-time graduate of Herzing University. I originally came to Herzing’s Madison campus in 2004 (back when it was still Herzing College) after a disastrous one-semester stint at a very large university. I had heard about Herzing from my brother, who had considered enrolling there. After touring Herzing I was convinced that it would be an excellent fit for me.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed my first time studying there. I loved the fact that Herzing offers small classes and a great deal of one-on-one interaction with instructors. I was happy that the Herzing instructors place a lot more emphasis on individual assignments than on exams, as I have always performed better on regular assignments than I did on tests and exams. I had the opportunity to serve as one of the original members of the Madison campus’s PBL chapter, eventually working my way up to Vice President/Treasurer and being one of five members to represent the chapter at the 2006 National Leadership Conference in Nashville. I found Herzing’s Career Services department to be extraordinarily helpful, and Jeff Westra has continued to be a huge help to me with my resume and interview questions in the years since.

My first job out of college was in the accounting department at Epic in Verona. After a few years I started to think about going back to school for an accounting degree. After I moved away from the Madison area to join my wife (then fiancée) in Eau Claire in 2010, I started to think about it more. It was something that she had wanted me to do as well, as I had left the accounting field when I moved to Eau Claire and soon began to miss it, but was having some difficulty finding a job that would allow me to return to real-time accounting work. I did eventually get an accounting job with Community Health Partnership, a non-profit health care company in Eau Claire that provided Medicare and Medicaid-funded services to the elderly and disabled. But in September 2012, just five months after I joined CHP, it was announced that they would be closing at the end of the year. Fortunately I avoided the unemployment line, as I accepted my current position just a couple weeks before CHP closed. I am now working as the controller for Apex Insurance Group of WI, LLC, a multi-location insurance agency, at their main office in Bloomer.

Even though I did find another job in time, the CHP closure was my wake-up call. I knew that now was the time to return to school for an accounting degree. Since I had such an excellent experience during my first time at Herzing, I contacted them about the possibility of returning online since I now live 3 hours away from Madison. When I found out that I was only 11 classes away from a Bachelor of Science in Accounting since I had already earned my Business Administration degree from Herzing, the decision to come back to Herzing became a no-brainer. I began classes at the end of October 2012, and once again, Herzing has not disappointed. My instructors have been wonderful, and I believe the classes I have taken this time around will be extremely beneficial in the years to come.

Around the time that my return to Herzing became official, I made the decision to sit for the CPA exam after graduation. I am hoping to have all four parts of the exam completed by the end of Summer 2014. I do not know what is in store for me after that, but in addition to the areas of payroll and general ledger accounting that I currently do, another area that I believe I may have an interest in exploring further is auditing and forensic accounting because of some of my previous experiences at Epic. But whatever lies in store for me in the future, I will always be thankful to Herzing University for giving me two excellent educational experiences that will allow me to continue and advance my accounting career.

Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014

Alumni Testimonial: Angela Bowland

I am of no consequence at first glance. I am petite (some say pretty) woman with auburn hair, freckles, pale skin, and a mildly crooked smile. My intellect is not off the charts, but my work ethic is good. If you saw me around town, you would not realize this:

I was raised in a home where no one graduated high school. I did, but that is where my education stopped. Sixteen years ago I found myself a single mother with two children at the age of 20. Are you doing the math? Struggled to get by financially and emotionally. By the time I began my voyage at Herzing, I was a stay at home wife and mother, home-schooling six children.  I volunteered at church every week on Sunday and Tuesdays. I had become a much happier but very busy lady! So how in the world did I make it through my Associate of Science in Interactive and Graphic Arts and on to a Bachelor’s of Science in Graphic Design? I prayed a ton, and Herzing’s staff was there for me every step of the way. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and proudly enjoyed my ten seconds of fame as I strutted across the stage.

I now have a full-time job and still get to be a wife, a mother, and an active member of our church. All this to say:

Don’t let any disadvantage, life circumstance, or perception about you get in your way. Go for it. Get your degree and achieve those goals. I can tell you that it’s something you will never regret. And I can also tell you Herzing University is there to back you all the way. Hey, if I can do it, anyone can!

Herzing Toledo on Facebook

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013

Dustin Marshall

I was a bookkeeper at a gas station, always hoping from job to job, unable to support artistic endeavors or myself. I chose Herzing from multiple words of mouths testimonials, and its program on electronics. Herzing was a triathlon. The staff was incredible, getting me through rigorous coursework and making it pleasurable. I honestly liked the friendly and professional service. Herzing gave me a career. My life and happiness has increased tenfold. After graduation, I’ll be using my education to work hard, and fuel my artistic and entrepreneurial ideas.

Dustin Marshall

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TOLEDO, OH (June 21, 2013) – High school juniors can earn free college credit and get an early taste of campus life this summer at Herzing University in Toledo, which is offering a free technology course starting Monday, July 8.

The Herzing University Transitions program is designed to help high school seniors-to-be earn college credits while attending high school. Interested students may attend Herzing University – Toledo to take one course, tuition-free.

The Information Systems 121 course will run Tuesday through Thursday mornings, from July 9 through August 23, covering Internet-related topics and computer networking. Students will build their own website while learning communications protocols and programming languages, such as HTML, C++, and others. A video game development course is planned for the fall semester.

“At Herzing University, we are committed to helping develop our local community’s educational base in the career-focused sector,” said Greg Guzman, Toledo campus president. “The intent of the free summer course is to help get talented students interested in an in-demand career track and meet our local workforce’s growing need for college graduates in the field of information technology. Free college credit earned now also can reduce the cost of higher education later.”

Interested students and/or their parents can call 419-776-0300 or stop by the Herzing University – Toledo campus, 5212 Hill Ave., to obtain more information or to register for the course. The registration deadline is Monday, July 1.  

About Herzing University – Toledo

Serving the local community since 2009, Herzing University – Toledo boasts state-of-the-industry classrooms and labs to provide a real-world, hands-on learning environment, consistent with its “career-focused, convenient and caring” educational mission. Its 17,000-square-foot facility is specifically designed to prepare students for dynamic careers in the fields of technology, business, healthcare, design and public safety. Students have the convenient option to take courses toward their bachelor’s or associate degree or diploma either on-campus or online through Herzing University – Toledo, and graduate degrees are available through Herzing University Online. Herzing University–Toledo is also an SAP University Alliance institution. Information about Herzing University – Toledo is available at

Wednesday, Apr 24, 2013

Shelica Brown

My name is Shelica. I am 33 years old and the mother of a six year-old son. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management and scheduled to graduate in December of 2011.

I have been going to Herzing now for two plus years and this has been the best online school that I have ever been to. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I was unable to finish school and once my son got here it was over with. I can't say that I have procrastinated, but it really took a lot for me to go back to school. Once I made the decision to go back to school, I received a lot of encouragement from friends and support from my family.

When I think about writing this testimony I ask myself, what should I say? My greatest accomplishment right now is to graduate with my Bachelor degree. Herzing made me comfortable and relaxed. The staff is the best. They are there when you need them and they are very helpful with everything, no matter what the issue.

I completed my Diploma in Medical Billing and Insurance Coding December 21, 2008. Even before I was finished, the decision to continue came easily. Now that I have that accomplishment under my belt, I want more and there is no other school I would rather attend to make that happen. Upon completion, I plan on continuing into Health Law, but I am taking everything one step at a time. I do look forward to all my classes and a fulfilling career in the health industry.

Shelica Brown