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    • Open House

      When: Saturday, July 20th 10AM Where: Herzing University What: Madison Open House - come to the Madison campus for a tour and presentation. This is a great chance to get to know the Herzing and find out if the options might be a good fit for you. To get more information, please email Jeremy at

    • High School Open House

      Join us at the campus for a general information session about what Herzing University - Madison is all about! This event is perfect for high school students and their families to learn more about college options, take a tour of the campus, and ask individual questions about the programs. A light breakfast will be served for all participants. Please RSVP below to let us know you can make it...

    • Ultimate Gamer Tournament!

      An event for  gamers of all ages and skill levels! We will be playing Unreal Tournament 3, Call of Duty 3: Black Ops, Mario Cart Wii, Super Mario Brothers, and more! Are you the Ultimate Gamer?? The event is free and will include free food, prizes for winners, and give-a-ways! There are limited spots available!! The more friends you bring the more prizes you are eligible to win! RSVP below,...

    • Christina Stanek

      Prior to attending Herzing University, I was a full-time single parent and the primary caregiver for my children, who all have special medical and behavioral conditions. My life was devoted to them, and I came to the realization that I had very few goals for my own future and success. Although I love caring for my children, I didn’t know how to define myself as anything but a mother.I had a...

    • David Nelson

      I started Herzing when it was Wisconsin School of Electronics. I was at the top of my pay grade in a dead-end counter man job. After my Associate Degree I spent 10+ years in the job market. I found myself unemployed and searched for a job (any career). I started with MBE and was under qualified for my position. Herzing offered a degree to get me up to speed, so I took advantage. The experience...

    • Stephen Fichter

      I’m enrolled in the Computer Networking and Security program at Herzing University. I’ve always been pretty computer savvy, but I wanted to expand my knowledge of networking. I hope to eventually be a networking administrator for a small- to medium-sized business.The online classes are a godsend because they allow me to go to school full time and work full time. With Herzing, I didn’t have to go...

    • Elizabeth Wurtz

      Mercy Health System has been hiring Herzing graduates for approximately three to four years. The graduates come out well prepared.We like to hire people that have a lot of compassion, people that have a lot of…just a good knowledge base of basic nursing skills as well as the compassion for what they’re doing.Elizabeth Wurtz Mercy Health SystemJanesville, Wisconsin

    • Brian Kennedy

      Before Herzing, I was in a transitional period, moving from Pittsburgh to Madison. I wasn't content with what I was doing in my career. I began to look at schools that would help me realize my dream. A friend who was attending Herzing University told me it was the best place to go for game design. There is a community there, he told me, and Herzing could help with getting into the industry. I...

    • Laura Heider

      Prior to attending Herzing University, I was living in a small town working at a local newspaper office that offered no room to grow professionally. I was doing graphic design at my job and really loving it. I decided to research schools, and came across Herzing University. Several people that I knew had either been attending or had attended Herzing in the past, and said it was a great place to...

    • Madelyne Helf

      With the online classes and the evening courses I was able to work full-time and still be an active part of my daughter's life. It was tough work, and I've learned a lot, but most importantly, I'm proud of my accomplishments. The Herzing University instructors truly care about each of their students.One teacher in particular, Isabel Simonetti, has constantly reminded me that I can do this, even...

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