If you’re into the web, this could be a great career opportunity for you.

These days, the Internet and privately-owned intranets and extranets keep everyone connected. Whether you want to talk, transfer data, send a message or watch a video, it all travels through a variety of networks. As more people and companies become dependent on these networks, more problems need to be overcome. These include:

  • Bad connections
  • Loss of bandwidth
  • Crashed or corrupt files
  • Threats from hackers
  • Computer viruses
  • Identity theft
  • Online fraud and credit card theft

More skilled technicians will be needed to install, maintain, manage, repair and secure complex network systems. According to Computerworld magazine, high-profile breaches have prompted company executives to ramp up the demand for qualified security professionals to the highest levels since 9/11.

In addition, new uses for computer-based networks are being developed everyday. In the healthcare industry alone, new systems are needed to manage patient records and new databases are being developed to run DNA sequencing. Opportunities are out there for those who have what it takes.

If you’re tech savvy and cool under pressure, this could be a great career field.

Successful information technology professionals know how to work effectively under pressure. They’re cool-headed under a crisis and willing to work long hours to fix problems.

A career in information technology could be right for you if you:

  • Enjoy working with computers
  • Can work well in a wide range of environments
  • Find technical problem-solving very satisfying
  • Are better at thinking, organizing and understanding than persuading
  • Work well alone and in a team