Undergraduate Dual Enrollment

Get started on your master’s degree as an undergraduate!

Students enrolled in a Herzing University bachelor’s degree program who are interested in pursuing a master’s degree can save time and money with the Herzing University MBA!

      • Dual Enrollment – This program allows current bachelor’s degree students the opportunity to exchange four business (BU) or open elective courses for four MBA courses during their senior year.
      • Any MBA Concentration – Those students enrolled in a Herzing University business or management-oriented bachelor’s degree program may enroll in any of the MBA concentrations upon graduation (provided they have successfully met the GPA requirement in their MBA courses while in the Dual Enrollment program and are not applying under "Conditional Acceptance" due to a GPA that falls under the minimum).

Important facts to consider

While this can be great time and money-saver, there are some important facts to consider before applying for the Dual Enrollment program.

        • You must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA as a graduate student if admitted into an MBA program upon graduation, and the grades in these classes will count toward that GPA.
        • Graduate-level courses may be more demanding than the undergraduate courses you are used to. Evaluate your schedule and determine if you have additional time and energy to devote to more advanced studies.
        • Graduate courses taken by Dual Enrollment participants will be charged at the undergraduate tuition rate.
        • Your cumulative GPA must be 2.7 or higher at the time you begin the graduate-level course(s).
        • There are a limited number of openings in the graduate courses for Dual Enrollment students, and not all who apply will be selected.

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