Medical Assisting

Wanting to help others is key to success in this growing healthcare career.

Medical Assistants are vital in the day-to-day work of most healthcare facilities such as doctors’ offices, immediate care facilities, nursing homes, clinics and hospitals. These professionals perform both hands-on patient care (such as taking blood pressure and drawing blood) as well as taking a patient’s medical history. In addition, they handle administrative and clerical duties, including answering the phone and scheduling appointments.

Opportunities and career growth will be best for those with the right education and certification.

Do you have the flexibility to provide both clinical and office support?

Medical assistants have both administrative duties as well as hands-on clinical responsibilities. They have to be flexible and willing to not only assist physicians during examination and prepare laboratory specimens but also be able to file patient records, make appointments and keep the examination rooms clean and neat.

A career as a medical assistant could be right for you, if you:

  • Are good at listening to others
  • Can juggle several tasks at one time
  • Are good at working with your hands
  • Are compassionate and supportive
  • Work well as part of a team
  • Are good at following detailed instructions and rules
  • Have good communication skills
  • Do not get queasy at the sight of blood or wounds
  • Have a pleasant and friendly personality