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Career Development

How Business Leaders can Improve Work Performance

Dr. Orlando Rivero
February 5, 2016

Most organizations are powered by a diverse – and sometimes volatile – mix of personalities that don’t always mesh on a day-to-day basis. When you add in the reality of constant organizational change it’s no wonder some of us are frequently stressed out.

However, smart organizations find a way to preserve a strong corporate culture even in difficult times.

It is important that work expectations are aligned with the organization’s overall strategic plan. If that is done effectively, work performance will improve.

Some tips on how leaders can manage change during challenging times:

1) Have an open dialogue with staff to reconnect.  This promotes a positive work environment among all staff members.

2) Remind people who are data-driven that they need to prioritize work synergy among all staff members. That might require them to take a more personal approach.

3) Promote a high sense of energy but don’t act anxious or angry. Be calm during difficult times.

4) Embrace organizational threats as an opportunity to improve work processes.

5) Neutralize all relentless people who promote a negative work environment. 

Explain to them they are part of the organization and their cooperation is needed, especially during transitional phases.

By eliminating convoluted processes and focusing on a positive and straightforward company culture, organizations can better develop realistic goals and functional pathways to improvement.

Dr. Orlando Rivero is a proven academic leader with strengths in developing students, faculty and community support. He serves as the Graduate Program Chair of Herzing University Online. During his tenure, additionally, Dr. Rivero is the Vice-President, JDT Management Consultants Inc.  He serves as a Consultant for various enterprises in the U.S. and abroad, specializing in Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Governmental Organization Administration, Latin American Industrial and Educational Management.


Dr. Rivero is a graduate of Argosy University where he completed his Doctoral degree in Business and completed his Master of Public Administration degree at Nova Southeastern University.

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