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Turn your artistic talent into an exciting career by earning a bachelor's of graphic design online.

Today, graphic design plays a major role in everyday life. The right visual approach is vital to the success of websites, cell phone applications, electronic games, advertising, packaging, product presentation, and more. That’s why there is a real demand for professionals with the right creative flair and technical know-how. Earning a graphic design degree online or on campus is a great way to break into this exciting career.

There is continued demand for graphic design as advertising firms create web marketing and promotional materials for a growing number of products and services.

Employers expect new graphic designers to be familiar with design software and computer applications. Individuals with website design and animation capabilities plus a strong liberal arts background that includes marketing and business courses will have the best career prospects.

Do you have what it takes to succeed as a graphic designer?

Successful graphic designers are more than just talented. They love the challenge as well the work.

A career in graphic arts would be right for you if you:

    • Are interested in translating a marketing message into a strong visual statement
    • Enjoy exploring creative ideas and concepts
    • Are comfortable using a computer
    • Want to learn how to use the latest design-related software
    • Pay close attention to details
    • Can effectively solve problems working alone
    • Enjoy working on a project in a team environment 

If any of the above sound like you, learn why you should become a graphic designer on our blog. 

The career path of a graduate with the Associate of Science in Graphic Design will depend in large measure on the design discipline transferred into the program. Completing the associates' degree demonstrates to potential employers the graduate's dedication to their own personal and professional development and gives graduates the interpersonal, communication, and critical thinking skills that employers value. Completing the bachelor's of graphic design online program demonstrates similar values to an employer and may create additional career opportunities.

Where do they work?

Because types of employers vary greatly, work environments for graphic design graduates vary as well. Most designers employed at mid- to large-size companies or firms work in an office environment. Some offices may be very professional and conservative while others (such as creative firms) may be relaxed and casual. Designers working for smaller companies or as a consultant/freelancer may work irregular hours to accommodate their clients’ schedules and have smaller, more cramped workspaces.

While many in this field work a standard 40-hr work week, some designers working on a contract basis (such as freelancers) must work to please their existing clients while putting in additional hours to find new clients to serve. Those working in the publishing industry may also work nights and weekends to meet deadlines.

How do I advance in this career?

Advancement in this field is directly related to both education and experience. Design professionals must stay current with design, communication, and technology trends, and should continually add samples of their best work to their portfolios. To advance, professionals may be required to earn a Bachelor's Degree to become eligible for higher-level positions and salaries with some employers. They may also choose to broaden their skills by adding a second specialty area such as marketing, web design, and photography or information design.

 What is the job outlook?

Whether creating web marketing materials or promotional materials, the demand for graphic designers will continue with the increasing need to explain information visually. 

Herzing University’s Graphic Design programs provide graduates with the credentials and capabilities they need to succeed. Students work with the latest professional software programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite. They also study the principles of good design and typography and advance their skills in areas such as drawing and photography.

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design12436
Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design - Print Design12436
Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design - Web Design12436
Associate and Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design6720
*Average number of months for students to complete program

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

To provide more career opportunities, this program focuses on designing and producing work for both print and web-related projects. Students explore a variety of software programs and design techniques while creating their own portfolio to show prospective employers.

Download Program Course Sheet
Download Program Course Sheet - Print Design
Download Program Course Sheet - Web Design  

Associate and Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design

This program gives students a hands-on understanding of the basic elements in professional graphic design. While the primary focus is on print, they also study the fundamentals of web-related work. Graduates can seamlessly transfer their coursework and skill base into the Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design program. 

Download Program Course Sheet 

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