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A growing career in the booming field of healthcare.

Dentists need qualified individuals to manage their office. Duties such as billing insurance companies, scheduling appointments, and greeting patients are vital to the operation of the dental practice. As the demand for dental services continues to grow, these professionals are being called on to handle a broader range of responsibilities. Dentists are having trouble finding qualified individuals to manage this critical area of their practice.

Dental administrative services professionals are the backbone of the dental clinic. They typically manage appointments, bill patients and insurance companies for services, and coordinate equipment needs and supplies. Dental administrative services professionals also are the first and last person each patient sees, so they must be friendly and polite.

Where do they work?

Dental administrative professionals work in a well-lit, clean environment in the dental clinic. Approximately half of all dental clinic employees have a 35 to 40 hour work week. Many of the rest work part-time or have variable schedules. Depending on the hours of the dental office where they work, administrators may have to work on Saturdays or evenings.

What are potential job titles?

Some dental administrative services professionals become:

  • Dental front office staff
  • Dental office receptionist
  • Office managers
  • Dental assistants
  • Insurance claims processors for dental insurance companies
  • Return for schooling to become dental hygienists

What is the job outlook?

Dentists are expected to hire more administrative services professionals due to an increasing number of patients who need services. In addition, numerous job openings will arise out of the need to replace administrative services professionals who transfer to other occupations, retire, or leave for other reasons.

The Herzing University dental administrative services programs prepare graduates for the wide range of work they will be handling as professionals in this occupation. This includes communicating effectively with patients as well as the equally important tasks related to office scheduling, processing payments, and managing patient records.


Associate of Science in Dental Administrative Services



Diploma in Dental Administrative Services



*Average number of months for students to complete program

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Associate of Science in Dental Administrative Services

In addition to mastering the dental administrative services duties as listed for the diploma, graduates of this program also gain a well-rounded background with the general education courses required for an associate level degree. Upon graduation, they are prepared to enter a bachelor’s degree program such as the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare ManagementDownload Program Course Sheet

Diploma in Dental Administrative Services

This diploma program prepares graduates to successfully perform dental administrative services duties required in a dental office and other expanded functions. Download Program Course Sheet

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