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Health and wellness is a new, dynamic profession that is expanding as more and more companies emphasize employee wellness and hire degreed specialists to run their programs. The field encompasses a diverse range of rewarding positions, including wellness manager, wellness coordinator, healthcare office administrator or manager, clinic administrator or manager, spa manager, chiropractic office manager, and gym manager. 

A career in health and wellness could be right for you, if you: 

  • Like to work with people
  • Are compassionate and supportive
  • Have a strong interest in health and wellness
  • Are interested in nutrition
  • Have good people and communication skills
  • Feel good health is very important
  • Are a self-starter
  • Have leadership capabilities

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Health and wellness is a significant, emerging trend in the United States. A number of factors drive this emphasis: an aging population actively working to remain vital; the Affordable Care Act, which provides incentives to employees who participate in wellness programs; millenial entering the workforce who want integrated wellness programs; and growing medical evidence for the benefits of healthy lifestyles. 

Corporate support

Business and industry are committed to investing in health and wellness programs. According to a November-December 2013 employer survey by Fidelity Investments and the nonprofit National Business Group on Health (NBGH), corporate employers plan to spend an average of $594 per employee on wellness-based incentives within their healthcare programs in 2014. In addition, 93 percent of companies indicated they plan to expand or maintain funding over the next three to five years. These dollars pay the salaries of health and wellness personnel. 

Companies are spending on health and wellness for a good reason: the return on an organized wellness program is estimated at a six-to-one ratio. Very simply, healthy employees reduce a company’s healthcare costs and increase its productivity. 

Where do they work?

The health and wellness movement creates a variety of opportunities for educated workers. They will pursue careers in settings like these:

  • Health plans, clinics, and specialized vendors that staff up to manage the health and wellness programs of large corporations.
  • In-house company programs, which need skilled staff members to run.
  • Health clubs, exercise and fitness studios, and spas that add staff to serve individuals pursuing health and wellness on their own. 

What are potential job titles?

The job titles within health and wellness indicate how expansive the field truly is. Here is just a sample of positions:

  • Wellness Director/Coordinator
  • Nutritional Health Coach
  • Nutritional Store Manager
  • Medical Staff Service Manager
  • Worksite Claims Specialist
  • Spa Owner/Retreat Director
  • Fitness/Athletic Director
  • Gym Owner/Manager
  • Health Fitness Specialist or Coordinator
  • Health Screener
  • Assisted Living Manager
  • Case Manager
  • Clinic Manager/Director
  • Healthcare Administrator 

What is the job outlook?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the entire category of health education workers will experience a faster-than-average job growth of 21% (nationally) between now and 2022.

Health and Wellness Program Information

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness program will appeal to students who want to combine interests in health and wellbeing, fitness, nutrition, and helping individuals and communities maintain optimal health. A bachelor-level degree in this field will empower students to make a real difference in their community; they will be able to think critically about what they learned and apply it in a way that can impact lifestyle choices and make lives better. 

Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness12236

*Average number of months for students to complete program

Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness

To prepare for the challenging career opportunities in health and wellness, students will need a degree program that is both focused on relevant healthcare subjects, and also provides a broad perspective on business and societal issues. The Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness is a three-year curriculum designed to help students create, design, implement, and maintain health and wellness programs in the workplace (students with substantial transfer credits can complete the degree more quickly). 

Through a combination of core courses in health and wellness, and through a series of classes in one of four specific minors (Therapeutic Massage, Chiropractic Technician, Fitness Training, Healthcare Management), students will follow an education path that is in line with their career plans. Download Program Course Sheet

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