Design Studies

This program is for those students with a substantial amount of design-related transfer credits. All other students should view the Graphic Design program.

Speak volumes without uttering a word.

Ever hear the expression 'A picture speaks a thousand words?' At Herzing University, our students learn how to make that happen.

Herzing University's degree programs in Design teach students how to effectively turn an idea into a visually communicated message that will reach out and grab the attention of the target audience. In addition, each student creates a personal portfolio to highlight his/her design strengths; this tangible display of design examples goes a long way in impressing employers or clients.

This program is designed specifically to facilitate degree completion for transfer students who have a solid grounding in a design discipline, gained from completing a diploma or certificate program. Students in this program gain the general education component of an associate degree to become a well-rounded graduate.

Educational Requirements

Students must complete at least 34.00 semester credit hours of courses in design. Selection or transfer of courses will be in consultation and with the approval of the student’s academic advisor. Any resulting deficiency in the total of 34.00 semester credit hours required may be made up with additional design courses.

To learn more about transferring prior credits earned in the United States, see our Transfer Students page. For credits earned outside of the U.S., view the International Students page.

What are the career opportunities in this field?

Graphic Studies Career Paths

The career path of a graduate with the Associate of Science in Graphic Studies will depend in large measure on the design discipline transferred into the program. Completing the associate degree demonstrates to potential employers the graduate's dedication to their own personal and professional development and gives graduates the interpersonal, communication, and critical thinking skills employers value.

Work Environment

Because types of employers vary greatly, work environments vary as well. Most designers employed at mid- to large-size companies or firms work in an office environment. Some offices may be very professional and conservative while others (such as creative firms) may be relaxed and casual. Designers working for smaller companies or as a consultant/freelancer may work irregular hours to accommodate their clients’ schedules and have smaller, more cramped workspaces.

While many in this field work a standard 40-hr work week, some designers working on a contract basis (such as freelancers) must work to please their existing clients while putting in additional hours to find new clients to serve. Those working in the publishing industry may also work nights and weekends to meet deadlines.

Career Advancement

Advancement in this field is directly related to both education and experience. Design professionals must stay current with design, communication, and technology trends, and should continually add samples of their best work to their portfolios. In order to advance, professionals may be required to earn a Bachelor's Degree to become eligible for higher-level positions and salaries with some employers. They may also choose to broaden their skills by adding a second specialty area such as marketing, web design, photography or written communication.

What is the program title, length, and content?

The Design Studies program is specifically designed to allow transfer or prior credits earned in a design-related discipline.



Program Credits Months
Associate and Associate of Applied Science in Design Studies 60 20
*Average number of months for students to complete program with no transfer credits

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This associate degree program adds general education and additional specialization classes, if needed, to the core design fundamentals. Graduates are well prepared for a variety of entry-level design positions in a wide range of industries. Download Program Course Sheet

Which locations offer this program?

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