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Each year Herzing University provides all current and prospective students with our retention rates for a specific cohort of first-time, full-time students in Bachelor’s programs. This information is gathered annually in compliance with the Student Right-to-Know Act. Retention rates are calculated for full-time, first-time Bachelor’s students starting in the fall semester that are still enrolled in that program the following fall semester. Some students not retained may have transferred to another institution.

Retention Rates for First-Time Students Pursuing Bachelor’s Degrees

Percentage of Students Who Began Their Studies in Fall 2013 and Returned in Fall 2014 – 80%*

 *Interpret data with caution. This percentage is based upon 5 students who were first-time, full-time college students who enrolled in a Bachelor’s program. Four students were still enrolled one year later.

 If you would like to request a paper copy of this report, please contact your campus registration department.

From Soldier to Entrepreneur

Business Management

New Orleans

"I chose Herzing because I knew it was a military-friendly school that offered the flexibility I needed."