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Welcome New Herzing University Parents

Welcome to Herzing University! We’re excited to have your family become a part of our family.

At Herzing University, we know that sending a child across the globe to attend school is an important, life-changing event. In addition to the financial commitment and physical separation, your son or daughter is taking the first steps toward independent adulthood.

That’s a lot of change all at once, so we offer programs and one-on-one support to ensure a smooth and safe transition for your son or daughter.

A High-Quality Education

The United States is recognized as having the most distinguished university degree system in the world. As part of that system, Herzing University has programs and courses that feature the current and future knowledge and skills employers look for in university graduates. Our expert faculty members are leaders in their fields.

We pride ourselves on giving individual attention to our students through our 18:1 average student-to-professor ratio in our classrooms. Additionally, U.S. News & World Report—a news publisher known for its authoritative educational rankings—recognized Herzing University in 2014 for having one of the “Best Online Bachelor’s Programs” in the United States.

Assistance with Visa Requirements

For international students, the U.S. education visa process can be intimidating. At Herzing University, we’re here to assist with that process every step of the way. The vast majority of our qualified international students receive an F-1 student visa.

The staff at Herzing University is very familiar with the U.S. government F-1 visa process. We meet regularly with the consular officers. They know us personally and recognize that our students are high-quality, qualified F-1 applicants.

We assist our students in critical areas of the visa process such as demonstrating the intent to return to a home country upon study completion; the ability to finance school, transportation, and living expenses; and English language capability at a sufficiently high level for student success.

Cultural Support and Housing

Herzing University professionals in student services can help in a variety of areas such as dietary, religious, or other cultural needs. Our housing services can help your son or daughter find the right place to call home—conveniently located, high quality, safe, and with or without roommates—during his or her stay at Herzing University.

Health Insurance and Medical Care

Herzing University coordinates with two leading U.S. health insurance providers. A variety of plans are available for students to purchase, and the plans cover most major medical expenses after any deductible or co-payment requirements have been met. We recommend that you and your student review the available plans in detail to ensure that the best plan for your student’s individual health situation is selected.

An Authentic American Experience

All Herzing University classes are integrated and include a variety of students from the United States and around the globe. International students and U.S. students learn, collaborate, and study together in every class.

International students learn about American education and culture, and importantly, American students and faculty enhance their global knowledge and perspectives by sharing experiences with international students. Students say that these relationships formed at Herzing University are often the most valuable, both in the classroom and throughout their careers.

One-on-One Assistance Anytime

At Herzing University, we pride ourselves on individualized attention and the personal touch. Our leadership, staff, and faculty will know your student by name and will do everything possible to support his or her success.

Additionally, once international students are accepted for enrollment—even prior to arrival in the United States—they are paired with a Herzing University on-campus, international student ambassador. The student ambassador is a knowledgeable, accessible Herzing University person who will provide one-on-one assistance with any questions, concerns, or needs your son or daughter might have. The ambassador is just a call, text, or email away, from the time your son or daughter is accepted at Herzing University to the moment he or she graduates. So you’ll have peace of mind, and so will your student.