Kenosha - Military & Veteran benefits

The steps for applying and receiving military educational benefits

Founded by a Navy Veteran, Herzing University has a strong background working with military students and military benefits. Your educational funding officer will help you through this process, but if you'd like to get started, the information below may be helpful.

  1. Find out if the educational program you wish to enroll in is approved for VA benefits
    • Herzing University is certified to offer VA benefits. For a listing of Herzing University programs that have been approved by the State Approving Agency for the VA, click here.
  2. Complete the Application for VA Benefits. Forms can be accessed at the Department of Veterans Affairs web site.
    • If you have not yet applied for VA Benefits please complete an Application for VA Benefits.
      • Form 22-1990 for Chapter 30, 32, 1606, 1607
      • Form 22-5490 for Chapter 35
      • Form 28-1990 for Chapter 31. You must speak with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in order to obtain this form.
    • If you have used VA benefits before please complete a Request for Place of Training or Change of Program Form.
      • Form 22-1995 for Chapters 30, 32, 1606, 1607
      • Form 22-5495 for Chapter 35
      • For Chapter 31, you must speak with your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to obtain the appropriate forms.
  3. Certification Herzing University's School Certifying Official will submit an Enrollment Certification (22-1999) to the VA confirming your enrollment with the University. You must be accepted and
    an enrolled student in the University before the certification will be sent.

You will also need to complete the admissions application for acceptance to the educational institution.

If you are accepted to Herzing University, an educational funding officer will help you complete the proper military documentation. Your officer will also be able to assist you in determining how to make the most of your military educational benefits. Should there be a gap from the start of classes to the receipt of your benefit money, your officer will work with you to create a customized plan to cover expenses.


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