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New Orleans, Louisiana
Paralegal/Legal Assisting Program

Starting your new legal career IS possible with Herzing

  • ABA-approved*
  • Transfer up to 48 approved credits
  • Associate degree program length: 20 months
  • Prep for the Certified Paralegal Examination (NALA)
  • If you choose, continue your study in advanced legal topics/pre-law (bachelor’s in legal studies)
Waived enrollment fee Classes start November 2nd
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Earn a paralegal education in less than 2 years

Picture yourself working in tandem with accomplished legal professionals as an indispensable and trusted legal professional. You can make it reality—a new you is possible with Herzing University.

Step one is getting educated. Our ABA-approved paralegal/legal assisting degree program in New Orleans, Louisiana equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as a paralegal.

  • Convenient location near New Orleans in Metairie
  • Class topics include introductory topics in legal assisting, law office procedures, legal writing, with elective options in intellectual property law, criminal law, wills, trusts and estates and more
  • Small class sizes & access to accomplished faculty

With Herzing University in New Orleans, earning an associate degree to position yourself for a job as a paralegal IS possible. We exist to help you build the career of your dreams.

Classes Start November 2nd

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Degree Options

Choose your path to begin a career in law:

Associate Degree Paralegal Program New Orleans

Associate degree

  • Program length: 20 months
  • Credits required: 65 credit hours
  • Degree: Associate of Science in Legal Assisting/Paralegal

Earn the education you need to become a paralegal fast – and get started in your new career.

Bachelor's Degree in Legal Studies New Orleans

Bachelor's degree

  • Program length: 36 months
  • Credits required: 125 credit hours
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

Earn a 3-year bachelor’s degree in legal studies to build a strong understanding of the law.


Legal assisting/paralegal classes & curriculum details

You will learn about different types of law and discover the skills needed to prepare legal documents, conduct legal research, compose written reports and much more.

Graduates from our program in New Orleans are prepared to sit for the Certified Legal Assisting and Certified Paralegal exams through the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). You will be prepared to apply for a paralegal job in many different fields of law.

Program Months* Credits
Associate of Science in Legal Assisting/Paralegal 20 65
*Average number of months for students to complete program

Required Courses

All courses, 30.00 semester credit hours, are required.

Elective Courses

A minimum of 9.00 semester credit hours is required. At least 6.00 semester credit hours must be paralegal (PL) courses.

General Education Requirements

Students enrolled in this associate degree must complete a minimum of 24.00 semester credit hours in general education distributed among the following disciplines. Refer to the General Education section of the catalog for specific information about courses within each discipline. 9.00 Semester Credit Hours in Communications 6.00 Semester Credit Hours in Humanities (must include 3 semester credit hours of cultural diversity) 3.00 Semester Credit Hours in Mathematics 3.00 Semester Credit Hours in Science 3.00 Semester Credit Hours in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Personal and Professional Development Courses

2.00 semester credit hours are required.

Strengthen your education with a bachelor’s in legal studies

Designed to provide students with a more advanced understanding of law, this program also incorporates a selection of core business courses to provide a solid background in management and administration. Graduates are prepared for careers in legal assistance, legal administration, business and management training. This degree is also ideal for those wishing to continue on to law school. Learn more about our legal studies bachelor's degree program in New Orleans.



Legal assisting/paralegal program enrollment prerequisites

Enrollment requirements for the legal assisting/paralegal associate degree program at Herzing University New Orleans include:

  • A high school diploma, GED or equivalent
  • Meet and interview with a Herzing University admissions advisor
  • Fill out an enrollment application
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Enrollment fee WAIVED now through December 31st

Find out which degree program is right for you. Call 1-800-596-0724 to learn more about Herzing's programs.


What can I do with a degree in legal assisting?

Paralegals work in many different environments and can potentially specialize in unique categories of law. Law firms across all specialties require dictation, research, clerical work and other administrative tasks needed to keep business running smoothly.

Paralegals may work in many different capacities:

  • Public sector: government & military
  • Private sector
  • Freelance / contract

By earning your degree and getting certified, you’ll be qualified to practice in several types of legal assisting roles and determine what’s right for you.

Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.


Getting certified helps your resume stand out

Upon graduating with an associate or bachelor’s degree, you will be eligible to take the Certified Paralegal Examination offered by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA).

Graduate with a degree, pass the exam and you will be a Certified Paralegal (CP).

Herzing’s goal is your success in work. Getting certified may give you an edge in the hiring process and help you earn your dream job.

Do I need to be certified?

The rules vary by state. Certification is not a legal prerequisite to work as a paralegal in the state of Louisiana. However, we encourage you to get certified. The Herzing New Orleans paralegal program curriculum includes a class dedicated to NALA certification exam prep.


Frequently Asked Questions

Educational requirements to become a paralegal vary by state and employer. Given the broad scope of potential roles in legal assisting, different jobs require different levels of education.

Types of paralegal programs to choose from:

  • Certificate / diploma programs*. Basic certificate programs (sometimes called a “diploma”) are designed to provide minimum training & education. Some are designed for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree in another field.
  • Degree program. Associate & bachelor’s degree programs help you become highly qualified for an entry-level paralegal job and often provide a strong foundation to grow into other careers in law.

* Herzing University does not offer a certificate program.

It’s important to understand the difference between the two types of “certificate” programs. A basic certificate/diploma program will typically offer a fast track to getting started as a paralegal, but none of them are ABA approved and they will fall short of the comprehensiveness of a degree or post-baccalaureate certificate program.

Which should I choose?

That depends on your prior education and career goals. For students without a degree interested in becoming a paralegal, our associate and bachelor’s degree programs are a perfect starting point.

No. Currently, fully online paralegal / legal assisting programs are not approved by the ABA. There are cases where the ABA may approve individual online classes – but there are no 100% online ABA approved programs. 

Not all employers will require completion of an ABA approved program. However, earning your degree through an ABA approved program can give you an edge on the job market and open doors to more opportunities.

Herzing University offers ABA approved paralegal programs at our New Orleans and Atlanta ground campuses.

Yes! Legal assisting is not only an excellent job if you’ve got the right skillset—but it can also act as a springboard into many different types of careers in law as you get more experience and further your education.

Your first step is getting educated. Our goal is to help you take the first step, discover your true capabilities and thrive in your new career.

These titles are sometimes used interchangeably, but the general difference between legal assistants vs. paralegals breaks down like this:

  • Legal assistants (alternatively named administrative assistant, legal secretary) handle a broad variety of office tasks, including scheduling, data entry, answering phones or other clerical duties.
  • Paralegals often handle more technical legal tasks, including preparing documentation or performing research, and often requires more experience in law.

However, duties vary widely by firm and there are certainly employees titled “Legal Assistant” who perform paralegal duties—and vice-versa.

Herzing’s paralegal / legal assisting degree programs prepare you to thrive no matter the title!

Paralegals may work in many different environments with unique specialties in law, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Family law / divorce
  • Business law
  • Criminal law
  • Government & military: Air Force, Army, etc.
  • Bankruptcy
  • Real estate
  • Civil litigation
  • Immigration
  • Intellectual property (IP)
  • Estate planning / probate

…among many others. With enough experience in your specialty you may regard yourself as an “Immigration Paralegal,” “Litigation Paralegal,” “Corporate Paralegal,” etc.

Yes. Herzing University offers online associate and bachelor’s degree options for students seeking requisite education to earn their first entry-level job as a paralegal / legal assistant.

Keep in mind some law firms and employers may require the completion of an ABA approved program for new hires – and the fully online program is not ABA approved (but programs at our Atlanta and New Orleans campuses are).

According to 2019 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), paralegals earn an average salary of $55,020 per year ($26.45 per hour). Keep in mind this is not an estimate for starting pay in an entry-level position—average pay will vary based on your experience, level of education and the state in which you work. Find the average paralegal salary by state.

The BLS reports a positive outlook for jobs over the next ten years, projecting a 12% increase in employment for paralegals and legal assistants from 2018-2028—well above the expected increase across all occupations.

Our associate degree program takes an average of 20 months to complete; the bachelor’s degree program, 36 months. After earning your degree, you will be eligible to take the Certified Paralegal Examination offered by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA).

A career in legal assisting might be right for you if you exhibit these desirable qualities:

  • Are comfortable in a highly structured environment
  • Are precise and pay attention to details
  • Enjoy research
  • Have excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Have strong computer skills
  • Wish to continually expand your capabilities
  • Work well alone or as part of a team
  • Handle on-the-job pressure
  • Are inquisitive and like to find answers to questions
  • Bilingual capability not required—but can be valuable

Paralegals assist lawyers with the creation of legal documents and conduct research on laws, court cases and contracts—but duties will vary depending on the employer. Those entering the field with little or no prior experience will typically perform routine clerical tasks, taking on the additional responsibility of more varied tasks after gaining the appropriate experience.

The duties of a legal assistant/paralegal include assisting the lawyer with research, brief preparation, and other legal office administration, but do not include practicing law, advising clients, or setting fees since paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.

Paralegals can work in-house with a law firm in the private sector, in the public sector with a government agency, or in a freelance/contract role. Discover more about what paralegals are and what they do.


Accreditation & Disclosures

* The Associate of Science in Legal Assisting/Paralegal and the Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies programs at Herzing University - New Orleans are approved by the American Bar Association (ABA, 321 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60654-7598, 800-285-2221,

View Herzing University Accreditation and Approvals

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