Madison - Graduate Programs Course Structure

Course structure

The Herzing University Online MBA degree programs were designed with the busy adult in mind. The school year has three semesters, and each semester is comprised of two 7 ½-week terms. Students have new classes every eight weeks, separated by either a long weekend or the winter or summer break.

Program length

Typically, graduate students can choose to take approximately one class at a time and complete their program in 2 years, or take approximately two courses at a time and finish in 1 year. In addition, students may adjust their schedules as other responsibilities permit, taking a lighter course load some terms and a heavier load in others.


Online students should expect to spend a minimum of six (6) hours per week (over a 7½-week period) in their studies for each semester credit hour enrolled. This would include reading, researching, and writing papers, doing projects, completing exercises, studying, and reflecting on the course material as well as the time spent on the computer participating in discussion threads, reviewing online course materials, taking tests, and uploading/ downloading materials. The time devoted to classes scheduled for other than 7½-week periods would adjust proportionately.


Students will be required to participate in some group projects, but most assignments are completed on an individual basis. Homework assignments are posted at the beginning of the week and must be completed and submitted by the due date. Typical assignments include a discussion question or two based on the lecture and reading due by mid-week (with replies and comments on classmates’ posts by the end of the week), and a written assignment or test due at the end of the week.

Depending on the course, students may be required to write essays, complete term projects, and/or take exams. Instructional materials differ for each course but often include electronic textbooks, website links, voice-over PowerPoint lectures, journal articles, case studies, and interviews.

Faculty availability

Instructors are available by internal message and telephone. Faculty can be reached for immediate answers during their posted office hours and will respond within 36 hours to any questions received outside of those hours.


Because class sizes are kept small, your instructor is also your tutor. Students and instructors can interact in a chat-like manner that allows for real-time discussion and example exercises. If the instructor’s posted office hours conflict with a student’s schedule, special appointments can be made.

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