Technology Management

Managing technology has become a high-growth field with great career options.

Technology has become a driving force in virtually every aspect of all industries. Everyone who works in an office, at a production plant, in a research lab, at a retail store, or out on the road uses technology tools as part of their regular workday. Managing these tools and handling all of the information they produce has become a major, highly-rewarding career field.

If you’re tech savvy and enjoy a challenge, consider this growing career field.

Successful technology professionals have to be able to work well with others and willing to work the long hours required to get computer systems up and running. In addition, they must be able to plan ahead and prepare for future problems and service requirements.

A career in technology management could be right for you if you:

  • Are logical – like to solve problems in math or science
  • Are comfortable working with your hands as well as your mind
  • Have an aptitude for working with the latest technology
  • Can communicate and explain technology to non-tech professionals
  • Enjoy directing projects and motivating people


Associate of Science in Technology Studies Gainful Employment

What are the career opportunities in this field?

Technology Management Career Paths

It is the role of the tehnology manager to make decisions about the organization's operational use of the applicable technology while taking into account how the decisions will affect the organization's budget, employees, customers, and profitability. When seeking a technology manager, employers prefer candidates with a strong technology background as well as a solid understanding of business practices.

For those entering this field with a bachelor degree but no work experience in IT or business, typical entry-level positions include: customer support specialist, help desk representative, and junior positions in database development, web site development, analysis, or programming. Graduates with some experience in the field may also qualify for supervisory roles in customer support departments and entry-level project management positions.

Career Advancement

Upon receiving professional experience in the technology field, graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Technology Management degree will be able to explore opportunities in management such as:

  • Chief Technology Officer – responsibilities include evaluating new technologies to determine which would benefit the company, advising upper management on benefits/drawbacks of the technology, and creating/overseeing implementation strategies.
  • Project Manager – oversee the budgets and schedules for technology-related projects (such as software or hardware upgrades); work with internal and external customers, vendors/suppliers, consultants and trainers to coordinate the development and implementation of projects

Work Environment

Technology managers work at least 40 hours per week in an office or production setting. When needed, the manager must be available to work additional hours to meet deadlines or address technology-related emergencies. The technology manager should also spend time learning about new trends in the field in order to ensure their company is not falling behind the competition due to outdated technology.

Professionals in this field typically receive a comprehensive benefits package including healthcare and retirement plans (such as 401(k), profit-sharing and/or company stock). Since technology managers spend many hours at a computer, they must take precautions against computer-related ailments such as eye strain and carpel tunnel.

What certification/licensure does this program prepare you for?

The Technology Management program may provide you with industry certifications as well as a degree, depending on your course selection. Please speak with your admissions advisor for more information on this opportunity.

What is the program title, length, and content?

The Bachelor of Science in Technical Management prepares students who already have a technical background gained from diploma or associate degree studies in any technical field to be a manager in that field. The technical cource work can be from a technical program at Herzing University or can be transfered in from a technical program taken at another college or university.

Technology Management Program Chart

Program availability varies by location.

Program Credits Months
Bachelor of Science in Technology Management 123 36
*Average number of months for students to complete program

Bachelor of Science in Technology Management

In addition to building a strong foundation in computer science, students also gain networking as well as business and management skills, depending on their chosen areas of study. Graduates have the business credentials and technical capabilities needed to manage systems and direct network technology in today’s corporate setting. Download Program Course Sheet

Which locations offer this program?

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