Healthcare Management

Find lifelong opportunities in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare is the only major industry that keeps on adding jobs at virtually every level.

In addition, President Obama’s initiative to curb costs by computerizing records will further increase the demand for those who can apply business management and technical knowledge to a healthcare setting. New jobs will be opening in hospitals, physicians’ offices, clinics, insurance companies and nursing homes. Opportunities will be best for those with a working knowledge of medical codes and terminology as well business software programs and procedures.

If you like helping people, this is the field for you.

Successful healthcare managers take great pride in their work. They feel that their efforts really do make a difference in the lives of others. Although this can be a very demanding career, it is also a very rewarding one.

A career as a healthcare manager could be right for you, if you:

  • Want to help people feel better
  • Have good business sense
  • Are interested in the healthcare industry
  • Value accuracy and trust facts
  • Like making important decisions
  • Are compassionate and supportive
  • Work equally well alone or as part of a group
  • Like clear guidelines
  • Are comfortable leading other people
  • Appreciate a common sense approach to problems
  • Have good people and communication skills

What are the career opportunities in this field?

Healthcare Management Career Paths

The bachelor of science in healthcare management degree program prepares graduates for healthcare management and administrative careers within any healthcare facility or business that must stay current with healthcare laws and regulations. Examples of career paths for graduates include:

  • Hospital Administrator
  • Medical Office Manager
  • Health Service Manager
  • Associate Administrator
  • Healthcare Administrator

Work Environment

Careers in healthcare management/administration exist in hospitals, physician offices, clinics, outpatient care centers, insurance carriers, home healthcare organizations, and assisted long-term care facilities. While professionals in this career work primarily in an office setting, executive-level administrators may travel on occasion to oversee satellite offices. The typical work week for Healthcare Management careers extends beyond 40 hours, however professionals in the field are often rewarded with an excellent benefits and compensation package.

Career Advancement

Healthcare administration careers offer advancement and increased earning potential as the administrator takes on additional responsibilities. This can occur through promotion at the current employer or by accepting a position at a larger facility. Bachelor degree graduates with little or no industry experience typically start out as administrative assistants or department heads, while those with a master’s degree may enter the industry as an associate administrator or manager/supervisor of a department.

What is the program title, length, and content?

Herzing University offers three educational levels of healthcare programs. Graduates of a Herzing diploma or certificate program can seamlessly transfer their coursework and skills into an associate and/or bachelor’s degree program in healthcare management.



Associate and Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Management60 16
Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management121 36
Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management - Dental Hygiene Emphasis 12612
*Average number of months for students to complete this program, not counting transferred courses from student’s prior coursework.


Those who have completed a diploma or certificate program in a specific healthcare discipline can use this transfer program to become a well-rounded graduate by adding the general education courses required for an associate degree. Download Program Course Sheet


This program gives graduates the business and management skills that are required for a leadership position in the healthcare field. Many students enter into this bachelor’s degree program after completing a certificate, diploma, or associate program in a healthcare discipline. Those who have not may take individual healthcare courses drawn from Herzing University’s healthcare programs to meet the program requirements. Download Program Course Sheet


This program is structured as a “three-plus-one” degree. Students who have already completed an associate degree in dental hygiene (in the range of 90 semester credit hours) can top off that degree with an advanced management curriculum. Graduates will be prepared for entry-level management position within the dental hygiene profession. Download Program Course Sheet

Herzing University programs that can be transferred into a degree in Healthcare Management include:

Diploma ProgramsCreditsMonths*
Dental Assisting4716
Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced104
Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic5816
Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist4420
Medical Assisting Services4312
Medical Office Administration318-12
Practical Nursing (credits/months depend on state and program)37-5512-16
Associate Programs*CreditsMonths*
Dental Assisting6920
Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic8324
Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist6120
Medical Assisting Services6016
Medical Office Administration6016
Associate of Science in Nursing (Madison Campus)74

*Average number of months for students to complete this program, not counting transferred courses from student’s prior coursework.

*This list is not all-inclusive; other associate-level programs may be transferred into the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management program.

Which locations offer this program?

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Madison Campus
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New Orleans Campus
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