Wind Energy Technology

If you are looking for a profession that is showing a real need for qualified workers, is both physical and mentally challenging, and the idea of working in the open air rather than an office building appeals to you, the booming wind energy field might be a great fit for you.

Wind energy is a renewable energy source that has been in use for centuries, and more recently has become big business in the United States and around the world. Skilled technicians are needed to ensure wind turbines operate continuously with proper maintenance and repair turbines that have been damaged due to weather, misuse, or a number of other factors.

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What are the career opportunities in this field?

Wind Energy Careers

Not everyone is cut out to be a Wind Energy Technician…

Turbines are very complex, made up of many different components. Failure of any single component would require a shut-down of the entire machine until the problem is fixed. To prevent these shut-downs, the turbines must be inspected and cared for regularly to ensure properly working mechanisms and machine safety.

Duties of a Wind Tech

Typical duties for a wind energy technician include scheduling maintenance and inspections on turbines, conducting inspections, cleaning and lubricating machinery parts and gears, troubleshooting generator issues, and ordering replacement parts. Technicians must be agile with their hands in order to use tools inside the nacelle, which is a compact space. Sometimes work can be performed indoors, other times the technician will need to climb hundreds of feet in the air to work on top of the nacelle to repair wind speed or directional instruments. For this reason, safety is vital to this career, and technicians must have a strict adherence to safety procedures.

Challenging for Both Mind and Body

In addition to being comfortable working high above the ground, technicians should also be physically fit. Each day, a wind tech may climb the inner staircases of several turbines while carrying heavy gear; their legs must be able to handle the climbing and their shoulders should be strong enough to support a load-bearing harness. Techs also need to be comfortable working in confined spaces.

Technical knowledge required for wind energy technician careers includes understanding how machines, turbines, and electricity work. Attention to detail is important, as techs typically keep track of maintenance schedules for many turbines. They must also be methodical in following safety procedures.

Job Outlook

Since it is a new field, data is not yet available regarding the job outlook for wind technicians. However, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics states that “growth in the wind energy industry is evidenced by the rapid increase in wind-generating capacity over the past several years.”  It also stated, “Industry sources report that there is currently a shortage of trained wind techs. Because many different companies are competing to hire these workers, the most experienced wind techs can command relatively high salaries.”

Potential job titles for graduates of the Herzing University wind energy technology program include wind energy technician, wind turbine tech, and alternative energy technician.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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What certification/licensure does this program prepare you for?

While there are no licenses required for wind turbine technicians, obtaining safety certifications is very important for working in this field.

As part of the Herzing University diploma and associate degree in wind energy technician programs, students will earn completion certificates for both the OSHA 10 (10-hour basic safety OSHA class) and a basic safety and CPR training class. In addition, students will receive a Suzlon Climbing Certificate after demonstrating safe climbing skills during their boot camp. This combination of safety credentials shows employers that new graduates of the Herzing program are ready to hit the ground running…safely; this is attractive to potential employers because it means savings on the costs and time associated with the safety training of new hires.

What is the program title, length, and content?

Prepare for this in-demand field!

The Herzing University Wind Energy Technology programs have been developed to prepare students with the scientific and mechanical knowledge required to troubleshoot and repair these impressive machines. Textbook learning is combined with a hands-on boot camp and safety certifications so students can immediately qualify to work in this exciting field upon graduation.

Learn from the Pros at Suzlon!

To thoroughly understand the nacelle inside and out, students spend two weeks at the Suzlon Training Center in Elgin, Illinois, learning from Suzlon instructors. Award-winning Suzlon is one of the top-respected turbine manufacturers and service providers in the world, with more than 1,380 turbines in North America.

Home to the continent’s first fully-operational indoor nacelle mounted on a seven-foot tower, students practice climbing, nacelle maintenance, electricity safety, and rescue safety, including life-like rescue drills with participation from real first responders.

Program availability varies by location.

Program Hours Months
Diploma in Wind Energy Technology 38 credits 12
Associate of Science in Wind Energy Technology 62 credits 20
*Average number of months for students to complete program

Diploma in Wind Energy Technology

This program provides graduates the strong foundation needed for entry into an exciting, dynamic career as a wind energy technician. The program covers industrial safety, applied wind energy physics, energy production from wind, and wind energy maintenance. The program also covers DC and AC electricity, motors and generators, fluid power, programmable logic controllers, and basic mechanics.

After their book study is complete, students will spend two weeks at a Suzlon training facility to gain hands-on experience working on life-size commercial wind turbine nacelles (travel and lodging are included in tuition). Download Program Course Sheet

Associate of Science in Wind Energy Technology

In addition to the above, the associate degree adds the general education courses required for an associate level degree to prepare students for even greater career opportunities. Download Program Course Sheet

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Which locations offer this program?

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