Orlando - Continuing Education - Nurse Refresher Course

Course Name: Nurse Refresher
Contact Hours/CEU's: 224 Contact Hours
Prerequisite: Current RN/LPN License
Course Type: Lecture - 98 hours, Lab - 30 hours, Clinical Practicum - 96 Hour
Cost: $2500

Refresher Lecture - Module 1

This course is designed to enhance and provide a review of current theoretical knowledge necessary to prepare the RN/LPN who has been inactive from practice. Nurses seeking to refresh and update nursing knowledge will gain confidence and competency in taking care of clients in various medical settings. Emphasis is placed on physiological-psychosocial needs and the utilization of the nursing process as the framework for critical thinking and problem solving.

A variety of learning opportunities are provided within the classroom and online such as: lecture, readings, study guide assignments, teaching project, online case studies, critical thinking exercises, and health assessment. Emphasis will be on the most current nursing practice and medical treatments, providing the student an opportunity to enhance previously learned content and acquire new knowledge.

Tuesday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Refresher Skills Lab - Module 1

Coinciding with Lecture will be 30 hours of Skills Lab. The skills lab is designed for the RN/LPN who wishes to refresh their nursing skills in a simulated lab experience. Opportunities are available for hands-on practice and demonstration of physical assessment, dosage calculation and medication administration, catheterization, suctioning, tracheostomy care, tube feedings, wound care and much more.

Skills Lab: TBA

Refresher Clinical Practicum - Module 2

This course is designed to enhance the nurse's ability to return to today's increasingly complex practice setting. This will afford the student the opportunity to learn new trends in nursing practice, changes in the fundamentals of nursing skills and current clinical practice. The RN/LPN refresher student will have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to clients under the direct supervision of a clinical preceptor. This course consists of 96 hours of a clinical practicum.

NOTE: Clinical Practicum will be available after the satisfactory completion of Module 1.