DANB Radiology Refresher

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Course Number: CE 0042
Course Name: DANB Radiology Refresher
Contact Hours: 40.0
CEUs: 4.0
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Prerequisite(s): None
Course Type: Lecture, discussion, and hands-on

Course Description:

This course will provide the student with the necessary background information to sit for the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) Radiation Health and Safety exam. The student will gain knowledge in the following areas: how to properly expose and evaluation dental radiographs; the types of dental radiographs that are utilized in the clinic; the appropriate equipment needed for exposing radiographs; how to properly employ infection control techniques when exposing radiographs; patient management skills; intraoral and extraoral techniques; digital radiography; common errors and corrections associated with exposing dental radiographs; how to properly process dental radiographs using both manual and automated techniques; how to properly mount and label patient radiographs; how to keep both the operator and the patient safe during exposure; and quality assurance techniques utilized to ensure diagnosable films and the ALARA concept. The student will also learn basic anatomic structures and how to interpret these structures on intraoral and extraoral films.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of how to expose and evaluate dental films using the paralleling, bisecting, and bitewing techniques.
  2. Explain the purpose of periapical, bitewing, occlusal, panoramic, cephalometric, and other extraoral films.
  3. Decide what type of equipment is best suited for exposing radiographs: film holders, cotton rolls, bitewing tabs, lead aprons, and thyroid collars.
  4. Have the ability to select the appropriate film size and speed and store film properly.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of common film errors that occur in the dental office and how to correct those errors.
  6. Have an understanding of exposure concepts, including film speed, collimation, filtration, milliamperage, kilovoltage, film density, and latent image.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of digital radiography and other modern imaging techniques.
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of how to process dental radiographs using the manual and automatic techniques and how to determine when processing errors have occurred as well as how to correct these errors.
  9. Decide which quality assurance tests should be carried out in the dental office to ensure diagnosable films are being taken.
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of patient safety and the ALARA concept as it applies to both patients and staff at the dental office.
  11. Demonstrate an understanding of how to properly mount and label radiographs.

Required Texts or other supplemental materials:

Lecture materials will be provided for students online.


Pass/fail. The student will receive a certificate upon completion of coursework.

TOPICAL Outline:

  1. Unit 1:   Film detail, exposure techniques, and common errors and corrections when exposing dental films
  2. Unit 2:   Anatomical structures and image production involving collimation, filtration, milliamperage, kilovoltage, film density, and latent image
  3. Unit 3:   Operator and patient safety, processing dental films, common processing errors and corrections and quality assurance techniques
  4. Unit 4:   Extraoral projections, digital radiography, and modern techniques used in the dental clinic
  • Review exam
  • Receive certificate of completion
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