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Course Number/Program Code:CE 0013/CEWTSPC131
Course Name:Whirlwind Learning and Training System for Personal Change
Contact Hours:10.0
Days to Complete:1
Location:5212 Hill Avenue, Toledo, OH  43615
Who Should Attend:Anyone wishing to develop a personal change plan
Course Type:Lecture, discussion, discovery-based learning, and group activities

Course Description:

The Whirlwind Learning and Training System for Personal Change (WLTS) uses a discovery-based learning training methodology. The WLTS has been designed to divide the 10-hour training session into 5 learning modules, culminating in completion of 1.0 continuing education unit.

The advantages and program objective are to:

  • Encourage active self-engagement to learn and develop skills to assist with engaging others.
  • Promote personal motivation.
  • Promote autonomy, responsibility, and independence.
  • Develop creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Create a tailored learning experience for continual learning.

Each learning module helps participants discover their inner voice that influences their decision-making process.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Develop a personal life plan that outlines three to five stress-management strategies to achieve work-life balance.
  2. Identify 5 key strengths to enhance time-management skills to improve daily performance.
  3. Identify 5 core values of The Belief System to align performance and productivity expectations to meet short-term goals.
  4. Identify required skills for problem solving and decision making.
  5. Design new standards and procedures for continual learning and motivation.

Required Texts or other supplemental materials:




TOPICAL Outline:

Learning Modules

Key Learning Outcomes

Module 1—My Personal Change Plan (MPCP)Creation of My Personal Change Plan patterned after a SWOT analysis. (MPCP) develops a basis for personal development that changes perspective on everyday life. MPCP uses critical thinking skills to develop inward focus, creating a decision filter for daily actions.
Module 2—Belief System Alignment and Thought ProcessesUse a discovery-based learning exercise to identify core values and a base operation plan for image enhancement and self-improvement. The outcome is a paradigm shift in evaluation methodology of daily personal performance in alignment with measurable action steps for short-term goals.
Module 3—Retooling GoalsReview of established short-term goals, refining desired outcome and timelines. Reformatted standard and procedure for establishing short-term goals of personal development.
Module 4—Personal Change Plan GuidelinesLearn to work with the new “personal” standards by creating procedures for continual learning based upon new standard.
Module 5—The PlanLearn how to use the procedures and complete the plan.

Caleb DiazToledo

I did my research. I really wanted to get into the medical field somehow, not as much as in a hands-on perspective. When I read about medical billing and coding, it pertained to me. I just really felt I knew where I wanted to go with it.