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Our Graduate Success Stories

My name is Bonnie Carter. I live in South Carolina, but I was raised in Pennsylvania. I am a 55-yr old mother of three grown girls with children of their own. I have ten beautiful grandchildren, which can be a handful at times. The things that I love most are camping, boating, fishing, amusement parks, and concerts. The thing that I love more then all of that is when my family and I have our gatherings"nothing means more then to me than family.

I am a six-year cancer survivor and decided it was time to do something with my life. That is when a friend of mine had said she was going to college and that she thought I would be interested. So I checked it out, and I have been at Herzing ever since October of 2008. After I receive my diploma in August, I plan on going for my Associate and then my Bachelor's degree.
The staff at Herzing is fantastic. When I lost my dad in January, they were there for me…supporting me just like a family would. I have made many friends through Herzing, from my classmates to the staff. I have made a great friend with Jennifer DeVerney; she has been more than a staff member, she has been my mentor, and my friend. That is the way Herzing is with their students. I would recommend anyone who is wanting to go back to college that Herzing University is one they would want to check into.

Life is too short"do what you can, as long as you can.

Bonnie Carter