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Our Graduate Success Stories

The Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare… How I've grown and what it all means to me.

I began my journey at the OSMHC not really knowing what to expect. I thought I would simply learn to help people relax. As soon as I started classes and began learning the history of this age‐old art and profession,  I knew there was so much more in store for me. Throughout the program I gained a lot more than just learning the required curriculum. Through the deep connections I've formed with my fellow students and clients, the strong positive energy in the school, being enveloped in a caring and supportive atmosphere and the feeling of selflessness from learning to heal others, I found myself. That is not something that can be taught.

The courses in OSMHC are outstanding and thorough. Through Kinesiology we've learned not only the location of every muscle in the body, but the actions and massage techniques required to eliminate any problems or potential problems with them. An entire course dedicated to Eastern medicine has opened our eyes to a whole new way of thinking of how the human body can be healed by treating the cause of the dysfunction rather than the symptoms, without the use of pills or surgery. Pathology taught us how to spot common disease and dysfunction to better assist our clients in their health. OSMHC also provides a business course that is very specifically tailored to Massage Therapists and the potential paths they have available for them in the real world.

While completing the required courses for our diplomas, we had the opportunity to work with a Career Development Advisor. From setting up mock interviews and preparing us for real interviews to fine tuning our resumes to get that "perfect job", the advisor helps you develop your pre‐interview  skills and helps make you more marketable in the real world of Massage Therapy. Because of all this, I walked out of The Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare after graduation ready to take on the world… with no fear. I have gained and polished massage techniques, proper body mechanics and endurance. I've learned, in depth, about the human body, including indications and contraindication for massage. I've developed a strong sense of who I am and what I'm capable of through deep grounding and introspection. Last but definitely not least, I've developed a strong business sense and I'm ready to make a place for myself in the world of therapeutic massage and healthcare.

Thank you OSMHC.
-Bryan Kowskie