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Our Graduate Success Stories

My name is Dave Namm and I reside in Avondale, Arizona with my lovely wife, Lisa of 11 years and twin daughters who turned 15 years old in December. We have one dog, one cat and two birds. Living here is worth it if you can survive the three or four months while it's 115 degrees or so and certainly uncomfortable. The winter season is great! While the rest of the country is busy shoveling snow and dealing with winter storms; we resolve to spending time outdoors.

Last year I decided, with the encouragement from my wife, to return to school. After a great deal of research, I chose the Graphic Design program at Herzing University because of the enormous support system along with the exposure you receive to the variety of media. I am an amateur photographer and have always loved working on and with computers. I am fascinated with creating advertisements, logo designs and creating potential new characters. It's a great way to express myself through color, texture, and my own internal creative bug while using various computer tools to get messages across to the general public and interact with others who are as passionate about design as I am. Although I am a new student, I have been embraced by the faculty, staff, advisors and professors alike; they are my new family. I am assured that I've made the correct decision with my enrollment and look forward to walking the stage one day with my fellow peers and colleagues.

For now, I'm comforted in knowing that I'm setting the example for my children and grandchildren that it's never too late to seek and obtain one's educational dreams. My family has been a huge inspiration for me. With a lot of effort and personal patience, I know I will complete my degree at Herzing University and go on to pursue higher education; my much anticipated graduate degree!

Dave Namm