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Our Graduate Success Stories

My name is Douglas Ikeler, I am 54 years old and I never envisioned myself as a Herzing University Online graduate, but here I am. Prior to Herzing, my employment included short-order cook, auto technician, heavy equipment operator, and detailer for motorcycle products. When my wife and I finally decided to relocate from Wisconsin to Arizona, I was faced with a career-altering decision: do I attempt returning to school to further my education, or should I stay with what I am most comfortable with"physical labor? Deciding to further my education, the search began in July 2008 when I had my first encounter with an Admissions Advisor named Amanda Mayer at Herzing that would change my career and my life for the better.

I was both scared and excited at the time. I had the drive and support from my family to do better, but there was always the thought of not following this through to graduation. I had attempted college twice before and both times I dropped out. This time I poured all I had into my classes, and on August 28, 2010, I graduated. Wow! That took a while to sink in. I owe it all to the staff and the instructors at Herzing. You will not find a finer group of people dedicated to the success of their students. After graduation I took the opportunity to complete my CCA exam at the earliest possible moment. Some of the students I graduated with decided it was best to study for the exam and take it at a later time. I thought it would be best for me to take the exam while the teachings were still fresh in my head. For me it worked and I passed the exam which gave me another milestone accomplished!

With the total support and help of my Career Service Specialist, Jennifer DeVerney, I was contacted by a facility for an interview for a coding position. Passing the interview part of the process, I was hired as a coder. WOOHOO!!! None of this would be possible without the help and support of all the wonderful people at Herzing University.

Douglas Ikeler