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Madison Testimonials

Prior to attending Herzing University, I was a high school student working as a waitress, living in Pittsville, Wisconsin with my mom and brothers. I chose Herzing University because I knew I wanted to live in the Madison area. I liked that Herzing was a smaller school, and it didn't have a waiting list to get into my specific program like larger schools.

My experience was really enjoyable. I loved the small class sizes. If you had a question or needed help, the teacher was always available to spend extra time with you. The staff is really nice. Teachers always speak to the students with a smile when you see them in the hallway, etc. Someone that really stood out to me was Rita Cordova. I've never had a better teacher throughout all of my schooling. She went above and beyond to make sure everyone understood what she was teaching. Rita would stay far past class was over to help out and even come in when she was off if a student wanted to catch up on something or just needed some extra help.

Rita also set up a lot of extra shadowing experiences throughout the clinics in the Madison area. It was really nice to gain experience in many clinical departments and see what the clinics were like. This helped us easily figure out what facility suited us best.

What I like best about Herzing University was that my classes were at night and online. This meant I didn't have to quit my job to go to school. In fact, I worked full time. I was able to support myself financially because Herzing provided great flexibility with class schedules.

Without the flexible scheduling, I would not have been able to get through the program. My Herzing education has made me feel extremely confident and ready to jump into my current field. I feel so accomplished that I was able to finish a two-year-degree at the age of 19. Not many people can say they have an actual career at my age. The diploma in medical assisting services is just the beginning for me.

I know I can only continue to better myself with higher education. I definitely will be back to Herzing University to continue toward my healthcare degree in nursing. My goal is to become a neo-natal nurse.
Katherine Freedlund
Certified Medical Assistant