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Herzing Testimonials

Before I started attending Herzing University in 2008, I was working at a factory job where I'd been for 13 years. I had done a pretty good job of rising through the ranks, but I felt like I'd hit a plateau and was at a bit of a dead end. I chose to go to Herzing because I had always wanted to go to college, I thought it would make me more marketable for jobs, and because my boyfriend had graduated from Herzing in 2006 and had a positive experience. I liked the flexibility of classes and was able to attend night and online classes while working a full-time day job.

My personal experience at Herzing was a good one; I enjoyed and benefitted from all of my courses and was happy with the up-to-date technology offered in my CAD classes. All of my teachers were very passionate about helping the students learn and excel, and they gave 110% to make sure we did. What I liked best was the reassurance that I could, in fact, complete the awesome feat of getting a college degree 14 years after graduating high school. It has given me a great sense of pride and has made me feel like I have a better chance of succeeding in this terrible economy. I was laid off from my job in November, but I was recently called back for a new job in the same company, where I'm putting some of my AutoCAD knowledge to use as an estimator. One of the main reasons for my re-hire is because my employer respects the initiative I took in going to Herzing to get my drafting and design degree.

Kerry Hadden