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Minneapolis Testimonials

I chose to attend Herzing University because it has a perfect location right off Bass Lake Road and West Broadway in Crystal. Not to mention they offer courses that can take me to the next level in my professional career.

After high school, I found myself in a career path that was headed nowhere. I decided to go back to school to pursue a long time ambition of mine and become a Dental Assistant. Herzing University is helping me get to where I want to go.

Unlike large universities where school officials don't even know students' names, Herzing University's Career Development Department provides all graduates with individual attention during the job search process. I chose to attend Herzing University because it had a great reputation within the medical field. I'm now a registered Dental Assistant and I work for Children's Dental Services.

I studied Dental Assisting because I knew I wanted to help people every day. The instructors were always available for any questions I had. Herzing offered me a great education and the skills I needed to get a job after graduation.

Kim O'Brien