Kolu Samuels

Kolu Samuels Herzing University Testimonial

Kolu Samuels

Healthcare Student

Healthcare Management
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Kolu Samuels Testimonial

Kolu Samuels

I first learned about Herzing University from a co-worker who was a graduate. Originally, I enrolled in the nursing program, but I later became ill and was unable to finish the program.

I was angry at myself and I just remember crying in my car after I knew I couldn't return to the nursing program. Afterwards, I set an appointment with student services to find out my options. I was pleasantly surprised that no one was judgmental about it and just wanted to help. They gave me encouraging words of advice and made me feel confident in selecting a new path in the healthcare management program. It worked out that I could use some of my nursing credits toward my new degree.

I made myself a promise to stick with it and ask for help whenever I needed it. With the support of Herzing and my friends and family, I finished and got my degree. Eventually, I would like to go back to school for my master’s in healthcare management.

My advice is to stay positive and focused. There are times that you will doubt yourself, but I say stick with it and get your degree!

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