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Madison Testimonials

Prior to attending Herzing University, I was living in a small town working at a local newspaper office that offered no room to grow professionally. I was doing graphic design at my job and really loving it. I decided to research schools, and came across Herzing University. Several people that I knew had either been attending or had attended Herzing in the past, and said it was a great place to get your education. I found out that there was a graphic design program and came to Madison to sign up! I loved the class sizes at Herzing! Having attended a large UW campus in the past, I was adamant on finding a school that had small class sizes so I could get the one-on-one attention that I needed. One of the things that Herzing University is known best for is the hands-on experience, and for me, that's the best learning method. All the professors know you on a first-name basis and are more than willing to help out with any questions or concerns that you have.

I think Herzing has prepared me for my future in the sense that they provided me with hands-on experience that will benefit me in real-world situations. My internship program gave me the opportunity to take what I had learned and apply it to everyday work.

Prior to my graduation, I was offered a full-time job as graphic designer/administrative assistant at my current place of employment, Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. I was offered a great starting salary upon graduation and my position is focused on the field I was enrolled in.
Laura Heider
Graphic Design