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Our Graduate Success Stories

Lisa White graduated from Herzing University in January 2013 with an associate's degree in nursing. But there is much more to her story than that. White recalls standing in Herzing's lobby in 2009 with her quadruplet boys--then just eight years old--and a squirming two year old waiting to talk to a Nursing Advisor. She truly wondered if she would be able to pursue her dream of becoming a registered nurse (RN). It would be a journey, she knew, and each journey begins with a first step; hers would be preparing to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

"With the support of my family, friends and the Herzing staff, I was able to receive my diploma for Practical Nursing," White stated. Her journey was well underway, and this success fueled her to press on.

In August 2011, the decision to return to school and start working toward her RN was a little easier, but the road seemed even harder this time. She remembers her husband worked longer hours, her parents were struggling to take care of other family members, and staying focused on school was difficult.

"Each time I waivered, there was always someone there to push me to keep going." she recalls. "My friends, fellow classmates and the Herzing staff were instrumental in my success. The ATI Test Preparation and other great study tools provided, along with the encouragement from my instructors to do my best were the ingredients necessary for me to graduate. In the end my sincere thanks goes to those who supported me through this journey. If a mom of five can go back to school and succeed, anyone can do it."

Lisa's success continues. Shortly after graduation she accepted a position with the Kirklin Clinic in Birmingham, AL and made her dream a reality.

Lisa White
Nursing Graduate

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