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Online Testimonials

After 4 years of being a middle-aged college student, I am one month away from graduation. All people seeking a higher education should be required to go to Herzing University, and all other schools should be trained in "Herzing Ways" of supporting their students. Without the support team at Herzing, I would not be where I am today and would not have the outlook on my future that I have.

Through obstacles of a job change that led me to working too much and losing some of my good GPA to becoming a self-pay student in my senior year, my team never wavered in the support they showed for me to continue through; they always had a new route to challenge the obstacles thrown at me. I sent numerous letters to the higher administration each time I felt the care and personal support from "my" team, and through many tears, I have found myself at this place where not only will I graduate, which in itself is one of my highest accomplishments, but I will do it with a new sense of friendship and care that seems to be unheard of in the higher education community.

Although my words are sincere and meant with the highest regard, they just do not do justice to where I would be now if Herzing did not care about my complete success. So to all of those who I have met through the years, and to all those who have wiped my tears, I salute you with the utmost respect. I am proud to be one month away from becoming a Herzing University graduate.

The following is my latest letter to higher administration about "my" team at Herzing University:

"I am more grateful than words can express for those who made it possible for me to return to Herzing, stress free, so that I could finish up my last remaining credits and become a graduate this year! I hope all the students they deal with on a daily basis understand what professionalism they are receiving from Herzing University.

"I want to express sincere gratitude to "my" team at Herzing Online. I say "my" team because of the many people at Herzing who have been there in the last year, helping me figure out how to pay for college and never giving up on me through my fears and tears. I cannot express what this group of people means to the students each and every day. These people were put there to help the students through the best (and sometimes the worst) scenarios of pursing higher education; it is obvious that it is not "just" a job and they must each go home at night with a profound satisfaction of what they accomplished in their day.

"I have really enjoyed my time at Herzing and feel privileged that I have the team I have on my side. You are not just another school; this school is represented by people who care about their students obtaining an education and improving their future. I know of many people who attend online school and I have to be honest, Herzing has provided the absolute best in student services."

There are no other words to speak as "my" team knows who they are and what they have done for me. It is my hope to attend the graduation ceremony where I may meet, face to face, the group of people who helped me get here. Without that, I cannot say that graduation will mean quite what it should.