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Our Graduate Success Stories

Hello, my name is Shanda Caruso and I am a Herzing Online student. I am 33 yrs. old, a busy mother of 4, one of which is a newborn; and a full-time sales associate for Allstate Insurance. My college journey began after a long vacation from high school. Try almost 15 years of vacation! My husband is in the United States Army and mentioned that I should go back to college to pursue a degree of some sort. So it was then that I began the daunting task of trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a new career at 33 yrs. old. My husband and I currently live in Louisiana because of his dedication to the military, so I was not sure of where to go for my educational needs first. College after college, I would go talk to advisors, financial aide representatives, and anyone that would see me. I felt like no one cared, or was even listening to me. Finally, I had gotten so frustrated with the whole ordeal I had decided that this was going to be too much trouble. No one called me back, or talked to try and help me understand what direction I needed to go in, so I just got so discouraged and thought that it was just not meant to be.

One day, I was sitting in my living room and the education bug started biting me, I then began to look at online courses for the degree that I wanted to pursue. I spoke to several online colleges, and it seemed to be the same story over and over again. I told myself, "one more call and that is it". If I didn't get the results I wanted this time I was giving up. I made the call to Herzing College. The gentleman that answered the phone that day changed my life. Bryan Lutzke is the academic advisor that I was blessed with. I began asking him all the questions that I had asked all the other online colleges as well as Universities. He patiently went over every single inquisitive thought I had in my head. Before I knew it, an hour had almost passed by. Bryan was so patient with me and had even gone through the process in depth to the point I was ready to sign up that very day! When I got off the phone with Bryan, I felt so full of happiness and excitement to finally be understood and heard. Knowing that I was on my way to fulfilling my dreams of getting a degree in the medical field was such an accomplished sense of satisfaction that I began telling everyone about my experience. Bryan was absolutely a trooper, he called me every day for a week to make sure I had every tool and resource I needed to get all of my paper work and information turned in on time, he even called just to say he supported me and my goals and to tell me what a good job I was doing at getting everything together.

After my college courses started and I realized that I was actually going to school again, I dove right into my classes. It was convenient to be able to log into class whenever I wanted, taking time to be a mother when I needed to be and a student when I chose to be. The online tools and academic blackboard are very user friendly, which make it easy for me to get over the new school jitters.

Herzing University has definitely won my heart and opinion in being the best and most student-friendly college I could have ever wanted. I am ecstatic with my decision to go with Herzing to further my education. Bryan Lutzke and the staff at Herzing have been so attentive, punctual, empathetic, and simply just "ON THE BALL" that I will and have already recommended many colleagues and friends to the wonderful educational world at Herzing.

Shanda Caruso