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Our Graduate Success Stories

My name is Shelica. I am 33 years old and the mother of a six year-old son. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management and scheduled to graduate in December of 2011.

I have been going to Herzing now for two plus years and this has been the best online school that I have ever been to. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I was unable to finish school and once my son got here it was over with. I can't say that I have procrastinated, but it really took a lot for me to go back to school. Once I made the decision to go back to school, I received a lot of encouragement from friends and support from my family.

When I think about writing this testimony I ask myself, what should I say? My greatest accomplishment right now is to graduate with my Bachelor degree. Herzing made me comfortable and relaxed. The staff is the best. They are there when you need them and they are very helpful with everything, no matter what the issue.

I completed my Diploma in Medical Billing and Insurance Coding December 21, 2008. Even before I was finished, the decision to continue came easily. Now that I have that accomplishment under my belt, I want more and there is no other school I would rather attend to make that happen. Upon completion, I plan on continuing into Health Law, but I am taking everything one step at a time. I do look forward to all my classes and a fulfilling career in the health industry.

Shelica Brown