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Sherry Cofer

Sherry Cofer

Before getting my degree, I knew I wanted to learn more about law because it seemed interesting and I love interacting with people. However, I quickly learned that the work is more than interacting with attorneys and filing cases. You’re putting someone’s life in your hands.

I didn’t originally plan on coming to Herzing. I was getting my degree at another school when they lost their accreditation. Since I was still enrolled in the program, this other college sent me to Herzing University to finish my degree. I was nervous at first, but the instructors were very welcoming and so were the students in my class.

I had some challenges I had to face. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like taking tests but Herzing gave me different strategies to help with my testing skills. They offered hands-on activities that gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to succeed in my job in the real world.

Sherry Cofer Testimonial
Sherry Cofer

Legal Studies Student

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