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Success Story

I am a Herzing family member - I was adopted from day one. For 17 years I had every excuse in the book why I could not return to college and earn a degree. From the time I was 18 until the age of 35, I evaded the "S" word: School. I traveled all over the country conducting inventories for an inventory service. I worked my way up the chain with experience, not a piece of paper (a degree). I thought I was on cloud nine working my tail off for $15 per hour.

A close friend/mentor of mine was taking online courses working towards her Master's in Accounting. For two years I watched her complete class after class getting closer towards her degree. She constantly tried to persuade me to take classes too. Again I had every excuse as to why I could not. The "S" word was frightening. I was old, how could I possible remember everything I learned in high school? I couldn't possibly learn, especially without being in a class with an instructor to guide me, to hold my hand.

One day I decided I would try to find a school that offered Business Administration programs. The first school I found in my search was Herzing University. I began to review the site, liked what I saw and wanted to speak with someone from the school. I never looked elsewhere; my search began and ended with Herzing University.

Once I started my courses, everyone from the Admissions Advisors to my classmates was very supportive. I enjoyed the professional presentation of each course and have taken away an education that has advanced my career. Herzing University is not just any college; the staff is the best group of knowledgeable, professional, loving, caring, and supportive professionals working in a healthy, dynamic college environment. As I look back, you know what? I wouldn't change a thing. I am proud to be a Herzing Graduate, Class of 2008!

Susan Young