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Computer Programmer ranked among the Best Technology Jobs in America for 2020 by U.S. News & World Report.

Gain industry-current, future-forward programming skills with a computer programming degree.

Looking for a career that combines technology with creativity—and is in high demand? Computer programming could be right for you. With the skill set available in our computer programming bachelor's degree program online, you can prepare for career opportunities in software development, mobile applications, and web programming.

We developed this industry-current program with input from industry experts, employers, and our experienced information technology faculty to ensure you graduate with the IT foundation you need for a long-term career in the industry, plus specialized programming skills.

With Herzing, you'll gain practical skills for :

  • Advanced web development
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Software development and testing
  • Data warehousing, and more!
Classes start February 3.
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Why Herzing

Herzing University's computer programming degree program balances quality career-focused course content with a work-friendly online format.  In addition to convenient, flexible online learning, our bachelor's degree program also features a year-round schedule which means you can graduate in as little as 36 months, plus:

  • Small class sizes for personal attention
  • Industry-experienced instructors hired for their accomplishments in the field and commitment to student success
  • State-of-the-industry virtual labs that let you learn by doing from wherever you are
  • An emphasis on making you a well-rounded IT professional, so you can take advantage of multiple career pathways after graduation

Dual-Credit MBA Option

Interested in laying the foundation for a future management career? You can jump-start your Herzing MBA by earning up to 12 credits while you earn your programming bachelor’s degree. This saves you time and money, and helps you develop leadership and critical thinking skills employers want.


Computer Programming  Degree Career Paths

IT skills are in demand across all disciplines, but especially in software and web development. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), web development jobs may grow by as much as 15% over the 2016-2026 period, adding another 24,400 new jobs. Discover how much a computer programmer makes on average in states across the US – and more detail about what you can do to climb the ladder after earning your degree.

In addition to consumer software companies and web design or marketing firms, the healthcare sector should drive additional demand for both programmers and web developers as more health records become computerized, and more web applications are needed to access and share those records. Your programming skills can also be applied to database management and data security. It truly is a versatile qualification.

A career in programming could be right for you if you:

  • Can focus on details as well as “big-picture” goals
  • Work both methodically and creatively, with a willingness to test and re-test your work
  • Enjoy learning new programming languages, as computer coding evolves rapidly


What are potential Computer Programming job titles?

Possible job titles related to earning a computer programming degree may include:

  • Application Software Developer
  • Systems Software Developer
  • Software Tester
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Developer

Advancing Your Programming Career

To advance your programming career, expect to continue pursuing professional development after graduation. This can come in the form of industry certifications, masters-level education, or simply teaching yourself new programming languages regularly.  After working in team-based, entry-level roles, you can build the experience and expertise necessary to take on IT project management.


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Computer Programming Degree Program Curriculum

Herzing University's Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming degree prepares students for a broad range of positions in the computing field, with particular emphases placed on computer programming. 

Courses include:

  • Web scripting
  • Object-Oriented Programming I
  • Software Testing
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Warehousing
  • Mobile Applications Development
Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming12036

*Average number of months for students to complete program
Program availability varies by location

Online & on-campus availability

The Herzing computer programming bachelor degree program may be completed online, with at least partial class availability offered at 3 locations if you are interested in an on-campus experience:

Required Courses in Information Technology

All courses, 64.00 semester credit hours, are required.

Elective Courses in Information Technology

A minimum of 15 semester credit hours in the field of information technology, information systems, computer science or a related discipline are required.

Required Capstone or Internship

3.00 semester credit hours are required.

Required Courses in General Education

Students enrolled in this bachelor's degree must complete a minimum of 36.00 semester credit hours in general education distributed among the following disciplines. Refer to the General Education section of the catalog for specific information about courses within each discipline. 12.00 Semester Credit Hours in Communications 9.00 Semester Credit Hours in Humanities (must include 3 semester credit hours of cultural diversity) 6.00 Semester Credit Hours in Mathematics 3.00 Semester Credit Hours in Science 6.00 Semester Credit Hours in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Personal and Professional Development Courses

2.00 semester credit hours is required.

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