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Sources of
Financial Aid

Student Payment Plans

Herzing offers interest-free student payment plans that students can utilize to finance their education. If you have a pre-existing student payment plan you can access the online portal to make a payment:

Federal Work-Study

Herzing offers part-time student employment opportunities including on-campus employment and community service positions. 

Students will be paid their Federal Work-Study earnings every two weeks. For wage information, positions available, and more information about the Federal Work-Study program please contact the Financial Aid Department at the campus or visit the following link:

Applying for Federal Work-Study

All students who apply for federal financial aid are required to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Students are encouraged to visit the following website to fill out their FAFSA:

Herzing University’s school code is: 009621

Student Eligibility

In general, students may be eligible for Title IV aid if the following provisions apply:

  • The student is enrolled as a regular student in a Title IV-eligible program.
  • The student is a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • The student meets the need requirements specified.
  • The student makes satisfactory academic progress toward completing their program. Please visit the following URL to find information regarding Herzing University’s satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy:
  • The student is not in default on a Title IV loan received at any institution.
  • The student has not met or exceeded aggregate loan limits.
  • The student is not concurrently receiving Title IV financial aid from another institution of higher education.
  • The student has not met or exceeded Pell lifetime eligibility limits.
  • The student does not owe a refund or repayment on a Federal Pell Grant, ACG, National SMART Grant, or Federal SEOG.

For additional eligibility requirements please see:

Employer Reimbursement

If you are employed, ask your Human Resources representative if your company offers tuition assistance.  Check for scholarships in your employee handbook and through the company website.

Outside Scholarships

Students are encouraged to research outside scholarship opportunities.  When searching outside scholarships be sure to protect yourself by never paying anything to apply for a scholarship.  Research each opportunity before you apply to check the validity of the scholarship. 

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