Marquita Starks Testimonial
Marquita StarksAkron

I recently accepted a position at Herzing University-Akron, and I plan to pursue my bachelor's degree within the next year. I love Herzing.

Sarah Marie Salazar
Sarah Marie SalazarOnline

At Herzing, the staff is amazing, kind, professional, and they take you and your concerns seriously. They truly want you to enjoy your college experience.

Rhiannon McCallips
Rhiannon McCallipsOnline

When I started going to school at Herzing, I was stuck at a dead-end job. The only light at the end of the tunnel was my education. I knew that a degree in the medical field would provide me with a lot of opportunities in the future.  My advice for others is to never give up on yourself. Earning your degree is difficult, but so very rewarding.

Rasheta Tadesse Akron

My advice for others is to never doubt that you can do it, because you can! I worked a 40+ hour job and completed this program. It will not be easy, but as long as you keep moving forward and take it day by day, you will be fine! I am proud to be a graduate from Herzing University.

Tricia Warner Testimonial
Trisha WarnerToledo

Herzing’s surgical technology program is a 20-month program that prepares you for entry-level positions in the operating room. That was exactly what I was looking for in a healthcare career – the chance to help save and change lives.

Mary Kimani Testimonial
Mary KimaniAtlanta

I found Herzing University’s IT program to be unique because we actually worked with many of the systems we were learning about in class and practiced with the different equipment we had, like the routers and the switches.

Virginia C Cesar Jass Testimonial
Virginia C. Cesar JassMadison

I chose my degree path in Business Management because I have many years of management experience and needed the proper education to accompany it. Earning my bachelor’s degree will help me acquire a higher level of employment.

Cherryl R. ShieldsToledo

I love my instructors and the staff at the Herzing University. Their help and encouragement is what helped me achieve my degree. At the age of 54, who knew that I had this kind of potential? Herzing did, my family and friends did, and finally I did after I saw what I could do. Herzing is the best, and I am possible!

Brandy Rollinson
Brandy Rollinson Online

My professors were great. When I had a question, I could quickly get in contact with my instructor. The academic resources that Herzing offered were also excellent. My favorite was the writing center. I could submit a paper for review and they would make suggestions on my writing.

Herzing University - Judith Reilley
Judith Reilley Online

Herzing’s nursing courses helped me grow professionally, and my instructors gave constructive feedback that helped ensure my success in the program. I had excellent instructors who were dedicated to helping me learn, and they truly got to know each of their students.

Herzing University - Angela Stuelke
Angela StuelkeOnline

At Herzing, my instructors helped me understand how to provide patients with excellent care. I also valued their timely and honest feedback on how I could improve as I moved through the program. They pushed me to think critically and use evidence-based practice, which is what I hope to impart to future nursing students as well.

Herzing University - Charkeia Barnes
Charkeia Barnes Online

Everyone at Herzing wants you to succeed and do your best. All of my teachers were supportive and helpful and my academic advisors assisted me throughout my educational journey. If there was ever anything that I didn’t understand, my teachers were available to help me in every way possible until I understood.

Herzing University - Katrina Games
Katrina GamesMilwaukee/Brookfield

Herzing made it possible for me to start working toward my BSN right away by giving me credit for experience I had gained as an LPN. Everyone at the campus was helpful and I never felt like I didn't belong there. The staff went out of their way to help me succeed.

Herzing University - Maria Torres
Maria I. TorresMilwaukee/Brookfield

Herzing University’s MBA program prepared me for the challenges of the business world. I have gained the knowledge that I need in order to suggest changes or share valuable information with others at my workplace. For many people, success is obtaining a big promotion or an executive position. For me, success is improving my knowledge and feeling confident that I will succeed in my career. Herzing gave that to me.

Herzing University - Marlo Thomas-Stewart
Marlo Thomas-StewartOnline

Herzing provided me with the tools necessary to further my career, as well as the motivation to venture into different aspects of business and business management. All of my professors were stellar. My courses helped me build on the skills that I already had as well as develop new skills that are relevant for today’s workforce.