Malaika Maulsby
Malaika MaulsbyOnline

I completed my program in April 2017, and I was so proud to be able to walk across the stage at commencement in front of all my family and friends. Today, I am able to apply much of what I learned in my classes to my job as a Customer Protection Officer for G4S Secure Solutions Security Co. I believe that everything I learned at Herzing has helped me along in my professional journey.

Herzing University Morris
Paris MorrisOnline

After graduating with my associate’s degree in medical office administration, I received several job offers. However, I decided to pursue a different passion and continue my education at Herzing with an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. Today, I’m the owner of Daden Investigative Services in St. Louis, where I work as a licensed private investigator. Thank you, Herzing, for helping me jumpstart my career!

Brequana Spence
Brequana SpenceMadison

The medical billing and coding program at Herzing helped me understand what I would need to know to be successful in my career, and gave me valuable hands-on experience in the field. The faculty were also very accommodating and supportive. My professors worked with me and my busy schedule and made sure that I was well prepared for the tasks and challenges that I would encounter in my future career.

Cassi Malko
Cassi MalkoBrookfield

I passed the NCLEX within two weeks of graduating and happily accepted a GN/RN offer at Froedtert Health during my last semester of school. I’m extremely grateful to Herzing for helping me achieve my goals. I look forward to applying my nursing knowledge in my new role and helping patients in our community get well and stay well!

Tina Olson
Tina OlsonBrookfield

Adjusting to online classes was somewhat challenging, but the instructors were very helpful and responsive. They would also make time to see me if I needed to talk or ask questions in person or by phone. Everyone was always willing to do a little extra to help make me feel at home.

Herzing Testimonial - Joseph Lorenti
Joseph LorentiOnline

Thanks to Herzing, I have the confidence, knowledge and problem-solving skills that will allow me to pursue advanced career opportunities in the business field. I feel very prepared for the next chapter of my life.

Brittany Abrams
Brittany AbramsAtlanta

I decided to pursue my MBA in project management at Herzing. My classes inspired me to think more critically about my current career and gave me new ideas for how I could approach various projects at my company. Herzing’s courses allowed me to tie what I experienced on the job to what I was learning in the classroom, and much of what I learned has helped me in my career today. In addition, the faculty were always there for me; my professors and advisors really cared about my success and they helped me grow both professionally and academically.

Sheryl Thomas Atlanta

Going back to school at the age of 50 was scary and challenging, but my instructors were great! Everyone I met was understanding, patient, sincere and passionate about their jobs. My instructors really cared about my success and they helped me believe in myself. Everything that I learned in the classroom, combined with my past experience in the workforce, has helped me achieve a better understanding of the legal field and has put my career in new perspective.

Ronald Crayton
Ronald CraytonAtlanta

Herzing’s technology program made it possible for me to develop the professional skills I needed to succeed as a Windows System Engineer at Cerner, one of the top IT healthcare companies in the world.

Nabeela Rehan Testimonial
Nabeela Rehan Brookfield

When I first learned about Herzing University, I had already been working as a certified nurse’s assistant (CNA) for eight years. I loved the job, but I felt that I had potential to become something more. My co-workers encouraged me to become a registered nurse and told me about Herzing’s BSN program. I knew that nursing was the right career for me, so I enrolled and was able to start right away!

Teaira Curry
Teaira Curry Atlanta

At Herzing, I learned the importance of networking and hard work. My professors taught me to never settle and to always strive for success, and my career advisors helped me fine-tune my resume so that I was prepared to begin my job search post-graduation.


Nurse ChantellBirmingham

Herzing University RN graduate returns to Herzing for her BSN degree.  "I am excited and ready to continue my education in spite of a life-changing event this year." 


Tommy MansMinneapolis

 I came to Herzing at the age of 23. I wanted to be able to go to school in just 2 years and be done. I knew that I did not want to do hard labor for the rest of my life, but that seemed to be where I was going. I always thought I was not smart enough for the dental hygiene program. However, that was not the case at all. My family, teacher and fellow students were a tremendous support.  I just needed to apply myself at Herzing, and it has paid off. I love it, and I love my job! 


Joseph Davis

The thing I like the most about this program is it allowed me to become a leader. It taught me skills that you need in management and also allowed me to speak my opinion. The Career Services department is searching for jobs for us every day. They look over our resumes, give interview tips. You find everything you need as far as finding a job.


Joseph Allbrooks

I love Herzing because it's that small community where everyone can get along. It's really outstanding. I would tell anyone: Choose Herzing University