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With small class sizes and needs-based programs, Herzing University - New Orleans Louisiana offers a true and much sought-after alternative to large, impersonal classrooms. You will discover that the campus staff is committed to providing you with urgently needed skills to prevail in a challenging marketplace. Toward that end, Herzing's NOLA faculty have real-world experience and are recruited to deliver hands-on knowledge that will engage you in the classroom. 

The Legal Studies - Paralegal program is one of the very few American Bar Association (ABA) approved programs in Louisiana. Law firms recruit Herzing graduates for their training and professionalism. The demand for sophisticated and well-educated paralegals continues to rise within firms and in private corporations.

The Herzing University - New Orleans campus is conveniently located in the Westland Shopping Center on the corner of 25th and Williams Blvd in Kenner.  Take the next step by calling (504) 613-4295  to schedule your personal campus tour or speak with an admissions advisor.

Technology graduates are sought out by companies in need of network administrators, software engineers, application developers, and system analysts to keep their systems on the cutting edge. Through our degree and certification programs you could play a pivotal role in one of the region's hi-tech companies and become an innovator too.

Herzing University: New Orleans

Herzing's Bachelor's and Associate degree programs in Business Management are designed with direct feedback from employers. You can leverage your personal experience to get more out of your education and discover new career opportunities in customer service, tourism, sales and management. Whether you're looking to climb the corporate ladder, land your dream job, or start your own business; Herzing could be right for you.

Classes start March 5, 2018

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Lynol GauffNew Orleans

Professors brought real-life examples and real-life scenarios to the classes and to our conversations.