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Eboni Payton

Eboni Payton

I started my nursing journey with the initial goal of helping my mother. I wanted to become a nurse practitioner so I could not only take care of those who are sick but also promote illness prevention.

Herzing was friendly, fast and easy to work with. When my mother passed away suddenly the summer before I began school, Herzing tried to make obtaining my degree as easy as possible. They did a great job of organizing the outline of my program and guided me throughout my entire journey to try to limit any unnecessary stress. I took great comfort in knowing that at any time I could adjust my schedule to better accommodate what was going on in my life.

All my clinical courses were of tremendous value, as they prepared me for a variety of different medical issues. After being at patients’ bedsides I developed an even better understanding of patient education and I discovered I had a love for helping all those in need.

I am currently working as a Neuro Stroke Nurse Practitioner. I take things one day at a time and I try to find one positive thing every day to keep me motivated and focused.

Eboni Payton Testimonial
Eboni Payton

Nursing Student

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