Game Development Student Wins International Game Design Challenge

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Game Development Student Wins International Game Design Challenge

April 28, 2014

Gamasutra, the game development industry’s informant, conducts themed design challenges. This month, Josh Douglas, a Herzing Madison Game Development Student, was recognized as having one of the top 5 submissions to the competition. It is an honor to be selected, as the competition is open for all levels of entries, from game enthusiast to development professional. There are hundreds of entries, both domestic and international, that are submitted to the competition.

Josh’s game design, “The Quest for the Dinosaur Overlord,” satisfied the rules of the contest by developing a game based around the concept of having no humans or human involvement within the game itself. This is based on NASA’s announcement of having recently discovered more than 700 new planets. The game takes place on a far off planet run by dinosaurs beset with political intrigue. The player fights, campaigns, and buys their way to the top. Strategies include using public vote, causing unrest, or just plain eating the opponents. The player's goal is to work their way up the political ladder… to become the dinosaur overlord. For a unique design twist, all assets and items in the game have the appearance of being cut out of cardboard.

For more information, and a complete overview of the competition, please see the link: You can see notes about Josh's entry at:

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