Trisha Warner

Tricia Warner Testimonial

Trisha Warner

Healthcare Student

Surgical Technology Program

Trisha Warner Testimonial

Trisha L. Warner

I wanted to change careers and get a college degree, but I was not sure if that was possible at my age and with three kids. I did some research on the Herzing-Toledo campus and found the surgical technology program. I made the phone call to do a site visit and it was the best decision I have ever made for my family and for my future.

I have always wanted to work in healthcare. I was an STNA for years and wanted to have a degree to open up more options for me. Herzing’s surgical technology program (now in New Orleans, Louisiana) is a 20-month program that prepares you for entry-level positions in the operating room. That was exactly what I was looking for in a healthcare career – the chance to help save and change lives.

A challenge I faced was the fact that I had been out of a school setting for almost 20 years. The staff members at Herzing were amazing at spending extra time with me, answering any questions that I had and being sincere in helping me be successful.

My advice for other students is to just stay focused. You will be more confident in everything you do. Every class is there for a reason, even if at the time it seems silly. You will make lifelong friends that will help you along the way. No one can take your degree from you.