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DEGREE UP With Herzing University

DEGREE UP Enables You to Advance Your Education

Congratulations, you've taken a significant step toward earning an Associate degree. Now through Herzing University you could apply the credits you've earned and DEGREE UP to earn a Bachelor's degree too.

Herzing's partnered with a number of technical and community colleges to provide you with an opportunity to start your college education locally, at your current college; then stay at your current college using DEGREE UP to earn a Bachelor's degree.

Participating in Herzing University’s DEGREE UP option could help you earn an Associate and Bachelor's degrees in as little as four years. You get the best of both worlds, complete coursework at your local technical or community college and at a regionally accredited university with a national presence.

Whether you’re interested in taking classes online, on-campus or a mixture of both, DEGREE UP is the plan for you. DEGREE UP maximizes your transfer credits and ensures that you don’t have to retake coursework that you have already completed. This allows you to earn a bachelor’s degree faster than you thought possible. Herzing will help review your current college coursework, as well as work experience to help you identify the best fit out of the 50+ college degrees that Herzing University offers. And what’s more, some credits taken with Herzing University through DEGREE UP, may be applied toward a Master's degree with Herzing University. To find out how Herzing could change your life and DEGREE UP, call 1 (844) 325-6439.

Choose Your School

To learn more, simply select your college from the following option, or if you don't see your school click on the  DEGREE UP icon and Herzing University will help you map your credits and apply for DEGREE UP.

  • Hennepin
  • Moraine Park
  • Hennepin
  • Moraine Park

Classes Start October 31, 2016

Enroll now to DEGREE UP and begin earning your Bachelor's degree. Call 1 (844) 325-6439

If you’ve ever imagined going further with your college credits, you can. Apply now at: